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Love taking pictures in the Fog

    A few photos I took on December 18, 2018. Coming up on the end of “In Presence of Spirit,” 30th Anniversary Year since I wrote the first writing.

    I edited a lot; I am not going to finish by the end of the year. I have captured fine particles of lights with my phone, camera, and a flash, at night, with my trees in the background. I am still enjoying it, but now, I take a bunch of photos, and I call it a night.

    There is not much to see down in South Texas, no hills, no mountains, flatland’s, I do not need to go anywhere to take night photos. It has to do with the weather. So with this Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. Wendy Yvette Greenwell December 22, 2018

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Dear Lord God Almighty Maker of the Heavens and The Earth.

My Son in the reflection
Bring Your Everlasting Touch of Spirit Rain Down  Blessings on Mankind

Have Mercy on All Your People. Bring down Your Holy Comforter United with You. Bring Your Everlasting Touch of Spirit Rain Down  Blessings on Mankind.

    Rekindle their innocence with Your Presence in Spirit. Spark the light of You in their hearts. Stop the decay of degeneration and Regenerate All Our God-Given Rights as A Being of Light, Altogether, One of The Most Highest, Entwined in the Ever-Presence of Your Majesty.

    Help! We all need Your Help! In every way shape and form. The devastation of everything human-made. We are all made of God from God through Jesus Christ to every one of us; no one person is left out.

    I Am Calling You Jesus Christ Holy Spirit. I need You back; I need to be alive in Spirit and Awaken the darkest corner of my soul, to share the rest of the extensions of Our Writings, “In Presence of Spirit.”

Oh Lord Help Us! All of Us! The World! People are suffering so much. Show Us The Way Out of the pits of despair. Bring Us into The Presence of You and wash the past behind. Through Your Healing Process which is an inspiration to go through.

    It sure has brought me out of darkness into the Light of Your World Awakening. In and Through The Love of God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit. Thank You for Your Everlasting Presence in Spirit. April 14, 2017, Wendy Yvette Greenwell March 24, 2018, Amen I did not see my Son until I enlarged the picture. February 17, 2019, Wendy

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I love you. “Not as the wife as I was.”

My Moon Photo, from the property
So, in essence, you opened up the passage for me.

    Thank you for forgiving me, my death in the flesh, and I forgive you for everything under God’s Creation. I hope you do not think; I haven’t arranged something awesome, and incredible, to the full heart of Christ Jesus, and yet to the ones that have not found that the kingdom of heaven is within.

    All they need is Jesus, to cleanse them of the lie. We have never been without. All the while the pain, anguish, the no reason for being still, is gripping at our internal, external existence, and there is no escape, so it seems.

     Until the great fall and there is your submission. I can not, but You Can! Come, Jesus Christ, come out of the grave of the outer abominations of desolation. In the presence of spirit, which brings you freedom from the bondage of time, place and reason.

    All are joined in Christ Jesus, to come to the healing waters of cleansing heart, mind, and soul. In the process of internal purification. To The One Truth, Christ is.

All we have to do is reach down deep and accept God’s gracious gift of Salvation,

“ask in my name” but you know it is essential to ask for forgiveness of sins, understanding, knowledge, patience, wisdom, fortitude, courage, in everything. Reach and go beyond the norm. The heavens are not even the limit. Jesus in his infinity has given me faith in the ever-presence of his majesty. My Lord, My God, my only reason for living still.

    See when you asked me to pray with you, God heard you, when you wrote it on the envelop, So, in essence, you opened up the passage for me. You are the one that ignited the light in my heart again, and I have four hundred seventy writings to prove this.

    “I have worked like I do not need the money.” I asked the Lord for understanding and wisdom and boy “I have loved like I have never been hurt,” Love Mercy.”

    You once again sparked the light of Jesus in my heart. When you were writing that only message to me, the wife of your youth, on that letter to our young adults. The word was given to me directly because I had already started writing to you.

    In The Spirit of Our Most Wonderful Sovereign Most High of the Holy of Holy, in Jesus, “I Am,” my sweet friend of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

My brother, the reason, “In Presence of Spirit,” came to be,

    If my pain was not enough! We took on a major undertaking in commitment to the Lord. We new, but we did not know. The questions were’ asked, the knowledge was granted, even though no one believed Jesus gave me heaven when he gave me, “In Presence of Spirit,” the first writing, and you of all people, no that for a fact.

    I am going to send this letter first. I pray that you, not be afraid in any way shape or form. That I would be rude or obnoxious the way, I was in the last three letters. It was everything I had to say. Thank you for forgiving me for that. I was burnt out from all the trauma’s in our daily lives, everyone’s choices, not having three but seven, eight at times and two more on the way, and “dance like nobody is watching,” I remember.

    I have some significant revelations for you.
They are all written in the letters, I sent you and were’ returned. So they are copyright. Every writing is signed and dated the day I edited them and the date of creation.

    Today is your departure from owing me, Child Support. Congratulations. One heavy load, you do not have to carry anymore, I can relieve you of, and it is done. “Your Welcome”

    As for your lack of what you did not do, for the children or what you did not do, by all the abominations of desolation. You are admonished of your past life. Forgive yourself through Christ Jesus love.

    Give it to Him; He wants that part of you to be clean. He wants no dark spots, in hidden crevasses of your inside being. Leave it in the darkness and come into the light of Christ Jesus World Awakening.

    Please do not put yourself down. You are, one in spirit, one in the Lord. He has called you into the inner chamber of His Ever Presence, and He is healing all your wounds. All your scars, all your wondering, all your lack of the truth, we all can possess.

    It is not enough to ask; it is so much broader a process, we have to flow through, you can not rush it. You can help it by not putting yourself down. You are special. You are a unique human being of spiritual, and flesh,  you are in Him, and He is in you. 

    You are freed from the bondage that has plagued humanity. You are forgiven. Acknowledge that fully, completely and ultimately. Yes, there are things you could have done differently, forgive yourself for not doing it, and give it to the Lord.

Hand it over.

    It is not yours anymore. You are one in The Lord. You are among, The Spiritual Awakening of World Union, through Jesus Christ. He has forgiven you. Now you have to forgive yourself.

    The grown adult children love their Daddy. OK, their forgiveness is in the Lord, and it will come in their time, and the Lord’s. You can not force it.

    I would like for you to know that I believe along with R.H., that all this is meant to be accomplished. The writings are received and nurtured for God’s purpose. He is the real Author for without Him in Spirit, and in every true aspect of Him, in His entire eternity. I could and can do nothing without Him.

    With Him, I am alive in Spirit. Without, I am in darkness. Having had been in the light, I wished so much to be in Spirit. Thanks again, for opening the channel of communication, because this is what I love, letting it all hang out, in the blood of Jesus Christ. I believe, so it is so. I enjoyed writing this letter.

    Look how long it takes to get to Christ. We need to give the faster way; you can not push it, you can help, though. Your, letters of Jesus are the omnipresence of the Lord, in  His Glory.

    The Holy Spirit, is calling The People, them that can hear, let them understand the writings of their souls.  Through Jesus Christ, there is a passage that all can enter and attain.

    Then Jesus Christ Holy Spirit guides you every step of the way. Sometimes you do not think you can take another envelopment, and then a bigger one. The sin is eradicated, from the ever presence of our being. We are being cleansed of everything that hurts us in any way, “the old is passed away, the now in consciousness is tomorrows reality.”

    It is the truth of our existence. Ask the questions from the simplest to the most complex, and you will get the answer through Jesus Christ. He has all the answers in His Omnipotence.

He is Our Guide.

    He is the Highest. He is the Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and the End, The only ruler of our souls. He is the Master of the Universe. He is welcoming everyone into the kingdom of heaven within. There you shall knock, and the door has been opened.

    OK, are you ready for the other revelations. My writings, my book, “In Presence of Spirit.” I have, because of you, my ex-husband, the husband of my youth. The only one in ten years that asked me to pray with you.

Can you imagine, what an envelop did?

     It is opening me up to perseverance, through Our Lord Jesus Christ. I have in me, A Present from Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and Wendy, In Writing.

    “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit,” by Wendy. This I share with you. All I am giving you is peace in return. Eighteen years, it is just that. How can one writing, so precious, and pure, not be carried through to eternity?

    It is heavenly, it is, In The Presence of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, and is Presented in Love of Our Only Ruler of Our Ever Lasting Souls. He is the only answer. My past love, but the one way through Christ, was granted, and you do not even know yet. (still does not know)

    “I have worked like I do not need the money.” Everyone is telling me to get a job, let’s see Michael is seven months, on the first, Orlie is four, Christopher is three. R.H. is 63 on the 27, and he needs full assistance.

    I have been writing for fifty-six days. The first seven days, it was all to you, to a three-stage, day, eye migraine, from the sudden expansion of my brain. I exploded in awe, and all the words came traveling out of my inside being.

    Once again I expressed in totality, on paper to you, who asked me to pray with you from conception to full fruition. I loved, and I am loved in Spirit. To The Christ Spirit within us all. Cheers!

    You are happy in the Lord. He makes every step you take worth breathing. He frees you from the inside pain of no solution, the inner turmoil, of no reason for being still. In the resurrection of the soul, is life through Christ Jesus.

    He is the one that guides you through the internal purification of heart, mind, and soul. It does not matter where you are just that you have the kingdom of heaven within your inner house, where restoration of heart, mind, and soul are cleansing the internal house of your ever presence.

    Replacing it with forgiveness, and putting on the Armor of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is calling! Can you hear Him? I hope you understand the vastness of what I am saying.

    It is ours. It is our legacy. It was given to share. It will do, what it’s purpose was, is and ever will be, to do. Just because, “In Presence of Spirit,” has not sold, does not mean it is not going to sale, “be shared.”

    It will be captured, the true essence of my book of Jesus Christ, with Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, walking on His feet, in His Arms of Mercy, there go I.

    You have always been part of me, no matter what we endured in our marriage, and after. While it was going on, I was in the Lord, and He kept me from falling apart. Nothing was cut and dried, and forgotten especially you, even though we had rough years.

    We knew we were reaching for help. We just missed the bull’s eye, and so as it is with everyone, in their time, and season, they will come — the whole lot of them. I know in my heart that something giant is going to happen, it has been happening.

    I did not know how many significant writings, I was holding on to. Even though you are someone else’s, I can share you in spirit; it is OK, God has given the OK.

    I have six writings from 87′, to 95′, and from 1996-2005. Ten years, I kept writing all these years. I have beautiful inspiring, healing through Jesus Christ Love. He gave it to me.

    Remember when I said, “I was a gift to you and yours and from you and yours, to put an end to the pain, and peace to our souls.” It was for you, the husband of my youth, because of your pain, my pain, world pain.

    I Had To Find My Purpose! and I Did! and I Have! and I Am Completing for Publication. I thought I had a five-year deadline, and it was ten years. I jumped the gun by five years and twelve thousand dollars.

    Oh well, the book will sell, when it is God’s time, and then I will be able To Publish Myself, “In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” My whole big baby, not a partial replacement no. No, it is to good to keep in secret, and I was the one it was made for because it all came out of my inner being, where Jesus Christ Holy Spirit is, and ever will be.

    So whatever comes of this journey, I am undertaking is the completion of what was given in Spirit, eighteen years ago. This is, “In Presence of Spirit,” Anniversary Year, and every one of my writings, have a name, all four hundred and seventy of them, plus I am still editing.

    I have gone through significant transitions in my life, all because I was praying the old fashioned way, but not forgetting where I had been, for many praying sessions In Spirit of The Lord. My writings, prove this to be true.

    My prayers have been for World Healing. So when you wrote that *W G,* You opened the windows of heaven. The second you asked me to pray with you, when you finished your letter, closed it, sealed it, and wrote that on the envelope, I was already writing. Every letter I wrote you has a writing.  They are all Consecrated In Spiritual Love.

    Well, I hope this letter finds you better than ever, full of joy, and forgiveness and understanding. With some knowledge, and lots of wisdom. Yes in Christ all gifts are acquired and registered like this. To you with love, the wife of your youth, and Mother of your first three children. October 25, 2005, 6/‎2/‎2013 04:50:46 AM Wendy Yvette Greenwell 2495 words longest one!

January 19, 2018, I am going to put them in the order as I  had them on their temporary home. It is easier than jumping around.  Thus the longest writing to the husband of my youth. I have Published it before.

    I am going to Publish it here. In a while. I tried to take the dates off of one and the computer did not let me so everything is as is. More personal that way. Thank you to Grammarly for helping me with the comma mistakes, etc. I do not have the Pro. I wonder how bad of a writer I am.

    Actually to me, I am “In Presence of Spirit” again, working on my writings, and I am happy to be working on putting all my Published writings together for the very first time. I am going to Publish it as is. I can not believe myself sometimes. Bold for the Lord. January 12, 2019, I am at writing, 370, one hundred thirty-three to go. Wendy

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To All The Super Beings of Existence!

Love it, gorgeous, the colors, beautiful capture
In the clarity of, The Oneness of Christ, in every one of us.

In the clarity of, The Oneness of Christ, in every one of us. I Come to You, “In Presence of Spirit.” I Am One, Within The Universe! I lift the light of Forgiveness for Eternity’s sake.

I cast down all the negative

of my life’s experience into the depths of The Earth and filtrate it in, The Light of Forgiveness from The One Source of God Eternal in everyone.

    I have a lot of work ahead of me in the physical. I am so tired of the same ole. I am a little restless. I feel I want a ten-day vacation for all fifteen years I have been caring for Richard. On my own, a spontaneous trip out of Dodge.

I am sitting outside with my trees and plants.

    I did some major work on this side of the yard today. The Sun moved on, and I can come out earlier. It is cooler under these trees of mine and Mother Earth. Thank you for taking care of them, when I could not force myself to.

My writings are beautiful to me.

    I did it for Me, Myself, and I: Each one of us is Me, Myself and I. So I Am, In the, “I Am Presence,” Universally Entwined. “In Presence of Spirit,” In Eternity! Right here! Right now! Forever in Eternity. I understand it is the present tense, so it makes it omnipresent, not just for myself, but for everyone all at once. I believe this in my heart to be true.

To The One True Source of Existence,

and All The Angels, Arch Angels, Guardian Angels, and everyone else, what I have in my writings is the Truth, From God through Jesus Christ and All Mankind.

    Be that here, there, and everywhere. Things that are, that we can not see. Widen my perception again. I want to be free in the Eternal Presence in Spirit, for all to come home to the kingdom of heaven within.

You are,

“In Presence of Spirit,” with me in Eternity. Anytime, whenever it is read. From The Grace of God Our Father who is the One Source of all Creation!

    I Love You God The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Thank you for Your Eternity within the inner chamber of all our Souls. Bless to everyone who is searching for their One True Love. September 24, 2016

    September 28, 2016 My twin is on her way down, and in a few days, we will be San Antonio bound, Thank you Lord. I did not mean to be stingy about a time for myself. Someday!

    We left on October 3, 2016, came back the 31st to pay bills, then went back until November 22, 2016, for Thanksgiving here at the house My Dad and his wife, my brother, my sisters, my two girls and about seven of the grandchildren. Daddy had not seen them in years. Then the day after Thanksgiving My twin and I took off to the Arroyo for five days. My children, they are in their 30’s took care of Richard.

    We went back to San Antonio until December 23, 2016, three months of traveling. Got it out of my system. Happy to be home. Another baby on the way, in weeks. January 1, 2019, Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday to my youngest daughter, she was born at 11:55 pm January 1, 1986. Wendy

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Well, Mike,

My Palm Tree, and Norfolk Island Pine Trees, Moonlit, I love it. Now it is gone. I was a twin Pine, yeah. Double loss.
You inspired me just by acknowledging my existence

Even though you want nothing what so ever, not even a simple text to do with me, it is Okay. It helped me, more than it hurt me. I finally let, all of it go. You might freak when you find out, what I am going to do, and that I am not taking you out. I remembered you, even when I was not consciously thinking of you. You were just always part of me.

You inspired me, just by acknowledging my existence.

    You just stayed with me. All my care was that you are happy, and you are Okay. I am free to be me. Only you will know when you read it, that I was talking about you. I never wanted you physically. I tried to tell you about the book. “OK” and “I am so sorry,” I said that to you because I knew it was you calling. You cannot take one drop of how I cared for you, away from me.

    Even though, it is done. I am not taking you out of my big entire excellent book, that The Lord himself gave me, “In Presence of Spirit.” In Jesus’ name bless Mike and his girlfriend with whatever they want for each other. April 5, 2011, Wendy Yvette Greenwell December 1, 2015, OK I am going to Publish this for two hours. “As Is” I did not!

December 12, 2015,

    Today is my ex-husband’s birthday, and tomorrow will be two years I have had my site up. I burnt out at 22 months. I refused to compete against myself, and I gave me rest for my eyes.

    I knew I was going to do something spontaneous, and I sure did. I feel this little note to myself, to one day publish, was meant for today. I had to have some real person to love, even though I would never physically be with him. Spirit is Universal. The insight here and there of remarkable revelations. To one day Publish even without any response whatsoever.

    The site is at 793,291 views since December 13, 2013, Thank you for viewing my writings. Reading well I can assume some of the views were read, but not sure.

    My twin had five fusions in her lumbar area, L-2 to S-1 her back repaired, five vertebrae, were worked on, five cadaver bones were inserted,  they have grown. She still has pain; The Dr. had to do total restoration, not partial, and he is happy with the outcome.

    We are meeting up, the four kids visiting our Father. He is 83 now, and his wife is 95. This time it is not going to be too cold, and or too hot, it has been a while since I have been by water.

I have shared my writings like I always wanted to.

     I did what I set out to do, even though I am still on my own in this venture. I know that the Lord gave me all my times, “In Presence of Spirit,” to be shared, and share, I have done.

    At this point, I do not know if I am going to be inputting any more data. Ancient data of my twenty-year hobby, I would like to write, while I am in, “In Presence of Spirit,” again. I need some inspiration; I am empty still. I am maybe burnt out. Need the spark to reignite the light, that is Yours Lord Jesus in my heart, again.

Bless The World With Your Presence In Spirit, Lord Jesus Christ.

    The World needs to be set free from this plague that seems to be taking over. We need You, Lord! We are stuck, and want to be set free from the Hell, that is plaguing our brothers and sisters in the World. Lord bring Your Presence down and rest with me, “all of us, humanity,” for eternity.

    I Love You, Jesus Christ. I did it, what You gave me to do. I am eternally grateful for Your Presence in Spirit, In, “In Presence of Spirit,”You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” Wendy

    I do not know how long; I will keep this on here. Maybe just today, I do not know. I will probably freak out when I wake up. Brother is flying in from California tonight.

    He is landing now. Well, I have to Publish this. We will see if I have enough courage to keep it on. It is significant; everything put forth, months, years of advancing to the goal set before me, when the writing of, “In Presence of Spirit,” was written.

    My writings are shared with anyone who will find them one day, and of course, everyone who needs a little time or a lot of time, “In Presence of Spirit,” With the Christ Spirit within Us All. God Bless The World and everyone in it. Happy Birthday to the husband of my youth. Wendy 12/12/15

February 10, 2016, my birthday Wendy Greenwell, February 19, 2016, tomorrow is my 20th Anniversary of being Divorced. I should delete this, but I have to leave it on. It is important to me, and that is all that matters. Wendy July 22, 2016,

August 14, 2016, December 13, to 31: 13,184, 2014: 413,397 2015: 400,376, 2016: 215,574 = 1,042,531 views just, “In Presence of Spirit.com” June 17, 2017 Editing again, Hello! Wendy

I found one that does not have a date.

    See how time flies. Okay, it is March 23, 2018, sure enough. I have Published 58 days this Year 2018. 488  writings, 123 this year. Seventeen thousand five hundred sixty-five page views for this month. Seventy-six thousand five hundred forty for the year. I found the one,  so I am going to add it to Mike. Here we go, I am going to Publish this, why because I can.

    I can say I do not really love you. How can I love you for eternity ha because I have? You are the one that caught me entirely by surprise. You by that one gesture helped me come out of a darkened sleep of my closed up and closed off being, and pushed me into the writings of, “In Presence of Spirit,” and all the extensions. Even the ones that have not been Published, that is all it took. “I just had to put a name on the face.”

    I should have not, but I did marry, but not my one true love. Horrible as it is. I have taken my stand time and time again. For years now. September 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, six years, I have been Publishing my writings. Four years on my 2007 All in One HP Pavilion. It crashed on February 5, 2017. I lost everything all my pictures. I did not back up, I meant to but I procrastinated, to extinction. I did not cry. I have to let it go. It is almost a month since I have been on my site. Not knowing what to do? March 23, 2018,

    This was fun I guess I wrote it in 2017. This is how you do it. 1:02 am, It is the 27th of March The stats are now at 82,494 for this year and 23,519 for the month. I am going to leave this here. Just because I can. W.Y.G

    October 18, 2018, I have had Mike in Private for a while. It is kind of weird how I can Publish the most personal things, but I do, I have and I will continue. Never saw him, or talked to him, but since February 9, 2011, I proceeded to make the way for my Publications, and I accomplished that. 225,569 views for 2018, for the month 34,870 views, and for all time, 2,012,215 views, changing in an hour.

    inpresenceofspirit.com 1,395,725, I am changing my book room. My Dad built a room in the garage for my Son when we first moved in. Now after 17 years it is mine. I even painted the Kitchen, I have a little to finish that off. I am moving out, I need a change.

    October 30, 2018, Now the book room is alone and I am over here in the Computer Room because I have to get all 500 edited and de-coded. I am on #247, this one is 500.

    I have been working on the site so much that it has received a bountiful blessing of views. Thank you so much. 67,662 for October 2018 with today and tomorrow left. 258,361, for 2018, 1,428,517 inpresenceofspirit.com the total is 2,045,006.

    I hope you are A-OK. I am looking forward to seeing 500 Writings, in just a second. I am going to do it. December 1, 2018.

    October ended up with 73,565, November 38,719 views, To date 1,473,536 for inpresenceofspirit.com, since December 13, 2013, 302,983 for the Year 2018.

    The writings of inpresenceofspirit.com have been viewed altogether 2,090,025 times. This one is only 500 because I had it in private for a while. Mike is the 322th Publication, one month to go, 174 to complete, that turns out to be 422 edits, I am going to finish in time. I was going to write some more…as I will say this, inpresenceofspirit.com is at 1,667,848 views as of this morning, 156,604 views this year. Maybe this time you will find, “Mike.” 1,493 words, and I am sticking it to the top of my website.  5/2/2020

    I took it off and on, several times. To date, inpresenceofspirit.com is at 1,760,909 views. I started working on it the 16th of April again, I only had 1000 views, I ended the month with 34,904 views. Bringing the year to 81,662 views. If I work on it, it gets viewed.

    I have it closed down, I do not get comments, no communication at all. No users, it is not on Social. It is too much. This way I am private so to speak. My writings have been on the internet since October 2011. That is what our little conversation brought to the surface. All my inpresenceofspirit.com. Cheers Mike! 6/17/2020

    I have this thing about deleting stuff. Or putting them in private. Just like all the videos I had on YouTube. My favorite songs etc. They are just for me now. I accepted your apology but I think you went to the wrong person to give that message to.

    My daughter got us on three way, while I was on mute, and the truth came out. Just took five months. If it had not been that day before my 50 birthday, that you called and said that, I would not be this far into sharing my writings with the World.

    I am editing again, I am wounded, I fell in the garden on a piece of wood 4 months ago, and messed my left knee up. Then thinking I could start the lawn mower, needing a spark plug, well, I could not walk the next day.

    So I am taking off, “You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” They are individual writings, that do go together as a whole but not here on inpresenceofspirit.com, anymore. Besides when I work on the writings I get lots of views. in fact the 16th I got 5,043 views, I had to fix something real fast on a hundred writings, that was really 200 with post and page.

    So, Mike, this morning inpresenceofspirit.com hit 1,801,474 views. I do not know if you have found my website, or for that matter “Mike,” it is weird yours is the only humans name on the site of names. We are all 25 years older.

    Just so you know I am not part of his family, have not been since the day of our divorce. Just because our children had 18 grandchildren, one in heaven, we do not share in that together, one great grandson. 

    Seriously he is not your friend. He knows I have loved you since you clapped, and rubbed your hands together and caught my attention. I told him after I found him coming out of her apartment, he left, and I knocked on her door, and she answered with two pillows covering her, I said, “you are fucking my husband,” she said, “know I am not.” He grabbed me, walked me home. I told him, I love Mike, and he was more jealous of that, then this whole marriage thing with her, three months after our divorce.

    My Divorce a blessing from God, and I celebrate every single year. It is a spiritual love. Not a fantasy love. Get my drift. I do not even know you. I have not seen you in over a decade. You inspired me, that’s all.

    Take care, You are the only Mike in the World, that is part of this incredible venture I have been on. I loved you then, and I love you now in my Wendy way. Dare me to PUBLISH! May 5, 2021,

    The site hit 2,000,000 views all by itself on April 25, 2021. Once again I stopped working on it. Not sure what to do anymore, add or stop. Today I want to make Mike Public again maybe this time you will find it. Time is ticking away. I want to see you, one more encounter. Just to say hi, and bye. Whatever.

    May 2022, was a great month. The site hit 75,130 page views, bringing the total of 2022 – 226,535. Total for the site, 2,415,430. It is a worthy accomplishment. Sharing is caring. Wendy

    Wow, I am going to Publish it again just because I can and it belongs Public one last time. 2022 was a good year, hitting 410,555, bring the total yesterday to 2,603,182 page views.

    Cat scan on my lungs on Monday.  Lung Dr. on January 31. Signed papers for Hospice for Richard. RN will come in once a week. The CNA comes in for a short time. Changing equipment, Monday before I have to go, stressful time. Hospital Bed, wheel chair, and hospital table he has one, Dad gets his now that he is getting a new one.

    The CNA will be here to transfer him. Because I cannot anymore.  He has been bed bound for over a year. OMG, the only thing that has kept me going is my inpresenceofspirit.com. But still, one day maybe you will read this. 2299 words. Here I go again.

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