January 2, 2009 –

My Son sent this to me, and of course, I am sharing with you

“In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” “I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” This is it, no more tarring. This is the name meant to be for all my writings, (yeah right)January 3, 2009 – Oh Lord in Your Ever Loving Name, I do pray. Thank You for this beautiful day. Bless The World in every way.

I am finishing up the book; You bestowed on me.

    It is such a beautiful keepsake. Beautiful prayers, To You Jesus Christ with You, “In Presence of Spirit.” No way, if all had been different. I am doing the chronological order of the names and dates, in order, some flaws.

    I am ready to print, “In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” Four hundred nineteen entries, writings, prayers, verses, poems, and songs full of The Presence of His Majesty.

It brings peace to my spirit.

    Just to read, and digest The Omnipresence of all this book. I am blessed to write. I decided to tally up the rest, instead of fixing the rest for print.

    So last night I hit 648 writings. 2008 Writings has 18,344 words. I read it all. It was awesome. I have a few entries to put in for 2009; they are already input. And then no dates.

    I have excerpts of letters the husband of my youth wrote to me, that encouraged me, to complete my journey from darkness to the light.

January 4, 2009 – I Begin To Pray

     In Jesus Christ Name: I begin to pray for all the people in the world that are in trouble. Lord have mercy on them, Christ have mercy on them, God have mercy on them. Holy Mary Mother of God, have mercy on these children of God.

     Lord forgive us for not controlling our speech. Forgive us for holding onto the past and, bringing it into the future.

    Israel and Gaza are fighting. They are killing innocent people. Oh Lord open these people to Your True Presence of Spirit. Hold fast to the clearing of the negative. Let them give their complete burdens to You.

Oh Jesus, I know I honestly captured Your Presence of Spirit.

     I still feel no pain because you took it away. I have not lost You. But sometimes, I misplace You. I start searching, and there You are to make my darkness light. You have lightened my burden.

    You gave me breath. You gave me life. You gave me love. You gave me lots of words. You gave me peace, through adversity.

    You took the scrambled thoughts right out of my mind. You gave me something extraordinary to work on, all these years. You gave me a Divorce and a rest that I so desperately needed.

You gave me, ‘In Presence of Spirit.”

     You conversed with me in the Spirit of the whole (writings) book. You guided me through all these years, to come to complete, in this decade, my conversations with the Lord. (I still needed more time.)

It is incredible. It would be funny if no one really understands. Well Richard and I believe and we know what the Lord Jesus, has shared with me, is to share with you. It is for His Supreme Purpose, that I follow through and complete my journey from darkness to the light of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. January 5, 2016, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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