I drafted all the writings here because I can.

I had to find forgiveness, and it just so happened to be with, the husband of my youth.
    I had to find forgiveness, and it just so happened to be with, the husband of my youth. But that is as far, as it goes. The writings, from 2005, it was the first time, I communicated with someone else, beautiful, forgiving writings; they are more about the Lord, then about him. So when I settle down, from my disposition on the whole matter of, the husband of my youth, I will share, I guess again.


    If I can forgive the yuk, I went through, and hand it to the Lord. Then he asks me to pray with him, and all these beautiful prayers of forgiveness, come out. It is not of him; it is, The Lord’s, to do with, what he wills. I cannot change anything around, my writings usually are, “as is,” no add-on, nor subtracts. 

    OK, since this was to find my forgiveness, for what I went through, and it is not, about him. I am going to put them right back on where they belong on there own: wendyyvettegreenwell.blogspot.com. now: wendygreenwell.com

    Reason being that it was for my healing, and it was for him. Also, the thing is, he never received them. These writings in 2005 are meant to be shared, just like my other ones. They are different because I am writing to a person. But as you can see they are all, “In Presence of Spirit.” September 6, 2013 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

    I have to wait 20 minutes to 48 hours to go back to the way it is supposed to be. So I am going to keep it on here, but as soon as I can, I am going to Publish it on wendygreenwell.com. Not sure if I will delete it here. Wendy, I deleted it and put it over there it did not work and the second page is not there either so I am just going to leave it like this.

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