Grew up in a close Latin Family,

From Darkness Of The Outer To The Ever Present Light Of The Inner

my twin, Dad and I were the only white, on my Mom’s side. Whose sufferings is it: Where is the shame? Well for all, it is covered. Until the dawning of the age, when all will be, laid out. For all to see, the unraveling, of the misconceptions, of the false past down, from all our ancestors.   

     Words being said, without meaning. In the outer sphere of, awareness; which is, in darkness. Until the real spark, be ignited, to the answers. From the darkness of the outer. To the ever-present light of the inner.
     The inner kingdom, which is in expectancy, for all Men and Women, to come inside, to the truth of, Christ in all Our Existence, the core of understanding. The inward soul becomes part of the whole. In one heart, in one mind, in one soul.

    From the outside abominations to the clearing off, the cobwebs, from without to within. In Christ’s Presence, there go I, and I am infinite, in the Universal Law of Cause and Affect. We are, The Chosen. We All can come into, Father God, To The Clearing, So, The Regeneration of The Holy Words, can accomplish itself, and bring: Peace To The Multitudes. December 15, 1997, Wendy Yvette Greenwell 

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A Journey from darkness to the light.