I do not need anyone’s consent!

Backyard night Photo, drizzling
Backyard Palm is twenty years old. So it is super energized.

Jesus Christ knows, I do not need their blessings, for this to be accomplished. It already was, the second I left.

 It is soul soothing writings, to me, anyway.

I was the outcast, but after I gave sixty books away to family, acquaintances, they all freaked.  They were’ all embarrassed of me. To them sweetheart, I am praying in tongues, cuz’ they do not have understanding.

    How could the one with the problems, I have had, be anything to the Lord. I bet if I were’ to share it to the World, it is destined, to complete the mission, it was sent to give.

     What can anyone say about my writings? I craved the communication, I worked for it, without a pay check. I have been working on the writings a year, full time.

    I remember when I started, every writing, I read, are as if, I just wrote them. They really did not need the dates, but that to me is significant. “Not in 2022.”

    I Published one hundred forty four writings, and I can not take anything out. So, I am taking a breath. Although, I need strength, and courage to follow this course all the way home. That is where the saying, “Home in the heart, and soul of humanity.” Oh Lord, help. Wendy

© 2022-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.