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The Book is a blessing; I cannot help that I believe this.

Tahiti, or Hawaii, your guess is as good as mine
The Book Is A Blessing

    I have always thought the book was not about me. “My search through the valleys, and tunnels, that my life’s circumstance, has unfolded.” But it is, I did not mean to be vain, in any way.

    My boldness, Is In The Spirit of The Lord’s Presence, where everything is possible. Thus the I of Me, speaks for everyone, not just myself. So it is alright that, I Am, In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord, because I am.

    Thank You, Jesus, for: The Presence of Your Spirit, in All Our Conversations. Bless the husband of my youth, with the wealth of, Your Spirit, indwelling his ever-presence, and bring him, where you need him to be. Thank You, Jesus.

    My eyes, I am staying out of the Sun. Even with double sunglasses, I have blind areas in my eyes. I have given Jesus my love, my attendance and every page are, “In Presence of Spirit.” But for me,  I, have not given myself, entirely to my Savior, for that I feel, I am unworthy. The Lord still forgives Me, and gives me the OK, to Publish Our Conversations With The Lord.

    Jesus Christ, steadfast my calling out into the barren wilderness of all the lost souls. Bring them closer to home, bring them inside, themselves, where you are, “In Presence of Spirit.” September 2009 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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