I read in Matthew, KJV.

Backyard with the rest of the last photo's
This is not smoke

I watched Living Way Television program with the Pastor that prayed for me, a while back, and he was interesting. He had a message for me, from Jesus. I did not have pen and paper, I cannot remember exactly what he said.

    In essence, the vision, the faith, the excitement, the joy, the emotional passion, I had working on my writings is supposed to be re-established.

    It was not time for it, but in God’s time it will manifest. I need to start working on it again. It is what I am supposed to do. My contribution to humanity is sharing a piece of heaven in word, from Jesus with love.

    In other words, do not give up your dreams. “In Presence of Spirit,” is my vision from the Lord. Courage, patience, wisdom, vision, knowledge, understanding, fortitude.

    Words thousands of words of encouragement. beautiful words, awe, upliftment, intriguing, over powering, loving, explosive, dynamic, ultimate, unique, awesome, united, established, connection, testimony, consistent, heavenly, omnipresent, glorious. Wendy

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