My, hit 56,833 page views for this month.

Night fog photo's
I used to love foggy nights.

It is the most viewed because I am making changes and adding code. I am a developer, that is behind in the times.

    My simple SEO, required me to shorten the main name of my website, then I had to shorten the names on many posts, making pages on them, so they doubled. This is why I have more pages, then posts, right now. 

    Now, that I know, the reason, I will go back to it another time. This month is the highest month in views, not Website views, updates, and posts, and pages.

    I have not fully opened this site, to Social. For whatever reason I have, so be it. The analytics are not working yet. Last time I looked no, so I am just going to finish this up. Posts, Pages, taking off the extra photo’s, so it is lighter. I loved the Featured Photo’s, I had to take them off.

    Help Lord, that is what a Preacher said to say, “Help Jesus.” The other woman, said to pray like that also. I do not understand that. Even though I am not able to pray, and have conversations in spirit. I still think it is so much more than, “Help Jesus.”

    I feel displaced. I do not mind sharing my room with my sister. My desks, wall unit, dresser, and book shelves, are here. The displacement is the fact that it does not feel like home anymore.

    I was left with not one, but four other people relying on me. Two bed bound, I want to cry, just a little water. I just put my medicine in my eyes, they burn, that is how I know it is working. Weird huh.

    I have to drive my sister across town, South side. I used to only go once every six months. Now, today will be six times in six months.

    Piddle paddle. At least Dad is not getting on latter’s anymore. This is not going anywhere. So, this years total is 208,172, changing in a couple of hours. Bringing the all time to the site, 2,397,067 page views. As we know I did not know how important the pages were. I thought it was the posts.

    I still have Posts to Publish. I do not have time, editing, 600 posts, and adding the pages, is a process. One by one. Now to go back when I have already completed 360, in record time.

    When I do not touch the computer, it gets less than 200 views. The highest one this month was 5,600 views in one twenty four hour period. All in all, it is a great month.

    I could not have made it this far, with all my writings, if it was not meant to be. It is, and it is all right here. So weird, how it can put 600 hundred personal posts and pages on one page. Well, that was the cue, page not post, to reiterate.

    I had a dream of my first love, I woke up, came in, and told my twin, and I started crying, the dream was, “that he hates me.” Wow, forty six years ago. Now that is weird.

    I am not following any thing about news accept for Johnny Depp. I am months behind on that. It is almost over. Good tidings of recovery for you, Mr. Depp.

    I felt like writing, and letting you know what I am doing with the site. I know that I want to wrap it up, this year, for some reason. Maybe because it is an even year. I have no idea. I have said for many years, that I was finished. Although this time, I am not writing, like I used to be able to.

    So, with all this God Bless the Universe, Space, the Cosmos, all our brothers, and sisters from here to kingdom come, with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Wendy

© 2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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