Questions, answers, in the Spirit.

sunset in the back yard, magnified
Questions, and answers, in the Spirit.

But most of all, “I need a sponsor directly related to the book.” After the math, first things come first. Talk it, speak it, live it, love it, go for it!

I need significant sabbatical. Lord Help Us.

Hi, You, out there in every dimension. I am here with you, and you know, I do not do things in secret, that will not be revealed, for sure.

I need help.

But most of all, “I need a sponsor directly related to the book.” I need everything I had back then, not material because I did not have. So, I mean point blank, all spiritual, well actually, they were written in spurts, but I did work on it.

I have to go with what I told you.

I have to put one hundred percent, to finish off my writings, and I can not, like this. So I will not let myself down, my Angel Messengers, Arch Angel Michael, you have shown yourself to many. I know, I would be sleeping, and I would wake up saying, “OK, I know what I have to do.”

Oh Lord, I did not cause that scene!

Pick yourself up, whip yourself off. Know yourself; easier said than done, Lord Have Mercy on The Entire World, and Me.

Bring Forgiveness To The Multitudes.

    Give Peace where peace belongs, In the Heart, and Soul of Mankind. To Rekindle the Spark of Heaven. To Ignite the Light that is Yours in Mankind’s Heart, every one of Us. October 21, 2004

    July 10, 2016, Happy Birthday to my first born she is 34 now, and due in three months to have my fifteenth grandchild. Thank You, Lord, for all Your Blessings. January 24, 2018, I have 17 Grandchildren one in heaven, God Help! January 13, 2019, 18th is on the way. Wendy

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