Twenty six years,

Night time Photo Shoot in the rain
They are all interesting Photo’s I took

since I started writing the extensions of, In Presence of Spirit, I did not know it then. Complete 26 years, January 1996-2022.

    The site got 2,094 page views yesterday, and today 2,186, adding up to 62,923 page views this year. I have Published 50 writings, I had not read in years.

    The stress in my life got overwhelming, it helped to share my conversations with the Lord, to you. Exciting times. A projection of the oneness in spirit, we all possess.

    I have not felt optimistic in awhile. Even though I am running out of conversations to Publish. I am incorporating Google Analytic back into my website.

    So, I am going to recite by writing, “Faith and Cause,” it was written February 24, 1996. Here it goes.

    “It is better to be subject of ridicule then to be there oneself. For because thou art there, then does not thou mean, that ye listened.

    Oh ye of little faith. For if the wise do speak their truth, then who am I, but the messenger, disguised through glasses, eyes of heavenly dew?

    For it is better to bear the pain. For when the tide rolls in, there be I, with He, who made me whole in his entirety straightway from hell, into his heaven.

    Thanks be to, The Father, Holy art thou, who made the Heavens, and the Earth, for it is God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Which has brought us out of the dunghills?

    I have lost man’s way, but in God’s way, I have triumphed. For God, straightway, showed me the way, out of the darkness.

    Through the long tunnel of darkness. I have not been satisfied, with man’s way. God’s way, is greater than you can imagine. He is the life, and light of our souls. He has not forsaken us, we have Him.

    Lord, forgive us, for being, so weak in faith. Bless people, with the ability, to know, that you have been with them, all the while, and stir their spirit.

     Bring a song to their ear, throughout their being. Bring dance, to their bodies, to rejoice, in the movements, of our bodies. Bring gladness, to hearts for sure there is an end to pain. Lord recognize not I, who am writing, but to all the people, who yet are afflicted.” Wendy

© 2022-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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