I completed inserting the codes on all my Posts.

Photo at the Beach
From roaring waves, and wind to calm

I did not mess with the pages. I did not know the pages were so important. I forgot how to do it.

    Well, I did some other editing, taking off the featured photo. I do not know how it affected the pages. I am going to go through all of them again, and delete the code because it takes to much room, anyway, and it is not needed.

    After waiting two hours for Godaddy.com to answer, I got the answers to all my questions. I have updated to PHP 8.1, will see if the site likes the upgrade. I reinstalled an important Analytics.  So, that I can see how it works.

    It has been a busy week. My sister had her knee surgery last Friday. Richard’s Dr. came through with a new Hospital bed, and new wheel chair for Richard, and my sister got his old one but with the new mattress.

    My bed is in the laundry room. It was my Dad’s, they accidently got a soft memory foam bed, he would slide off, so we traded beds. It was comfortable but not good for her, in her condition.

    I picked her up from the Hospital by myself. I had her half of the room all set up. She said, she was not getting off for four days. My half of the room is my desks, my computer, my stuff.

    Tomorrow Dad, and I are going to put the Trapeze on her bed. She will be able to lift herself up. Richard could not use it, his arms are bent. Fingers are so crippled.

    Wednesday, I have to get her up, and out because the Dr. is going to look at it. That is going to be fun. Her husband is in San Antonio. I got the living room back after two days, in the closet.

    Everything has changed, with my twin. After a five fusion on her back, now this. My older sister is getting another pace maker, put in on the right side, on Tuesday. She felt all the pain because she refused any pain killers. Take her, and pick her up. Man, that is scary. I am responsible for way to much. Start with Monday taking my Dad to a urologist.

    So, I am going to have some fun taking the codes off. I am exploring options. A lot has been written on this website, and I am wanting to share to more. I am not writing anymore. I am really stuck more than ever, where I want to be.

    I wish I had some words of encouragement. Like once I used to. Now, I really can not go to the races. Take care, and no, all I want to be is “In Presence of Spirit.” Wendy

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