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A foggy night
I like out of the ordinary night Photo’s

The activation of the manifestation of the ways, and means before me.

    We are in the age of Aquarius now. Open my heart to feeling the understanding in Spirit, in love, hope, faith, compassion, fortitude, acknowledgment of the presence of spirit in each of our beings. Holding on to the truth of our eternal existence.

    There are so many revelations in the writings. They are part of the I of me, that must share it to the World. To going forward to the absolute truth of our existence.

    Yes! The kingdom of heaven is within, each of our being. We are all, In Presence of Spirit, right here, right now.

    Open up the flood gates of knowledge, and bring back the Unity that is our birthright. Rise above the ultimate plight, to the light, that ignites the love, and World Awakening, through the powers that be. In the Universal, Multiverse of our existence.

     We are one in Spirit, one in Universal Love of the One Source. We are free in the presence of our Majesty, in light of the eternal Source of Creation.

    By ourselves, we walk through the exiled inhabitants to bring them hope, and love, and the oneness of truth, which is in us all. To share a piece of eternity with the World. I long to be, in presence of spirit. Wendy

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A Journey from darkness to the light.