Wait, wait for it.

Backyard photo at night with a flash
I have to search for a photo, and I want to Publish, right now.

What to do? No where to go! Isolated with or without a car. I asked for help none given. We are okay.

    Talk, to God, Wendy, ask for understanding, patience, wisdom, knowledge, ask for the Holy Spirit to come into me, and help me through these minutes left to the unveiling of my true hearts desire. Is to be one with you Lord, in presence of the Holy Spirit.

    I am grateful for all our times, “In Presence of Spirit,” I want more. Open my heart to understanding, all these positive attributes are in the heavens, and still part of me. As in my, I am, In Presence of Spirit, with you Lord.

    I want to be inside the oneness of truth that only you possess. I need your guidance, love, touch of spirit. I want to feel the ignition switch, ignite our, “In Presence of Spirit.com.”

    Lord, show me the way out of poverty, into the riches of the glorious treasures of the kingdom of heaven within, forever. Amen. I would like to give the attention to “Our Writings,” they are meant to be shared. Wendy

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A Journey from darkness to the light.