It has been forever, and a day since I sat down in the back yard.

Night Photo with no rain

Before the freeze, that wiped out all the Norfolk Island Pines. The remanence are still standing, they should cut them all down. They are a hazard.

    It has gotten to the point of no return. On issues that are declared law. It is up to the States to pass laws for the afflicted in extreme conditions. Which is rape, incest, tube pregnancies, life or death situations.

    Here is where you protect the Women, of all ages. No female left out. Now is the time to stop playing with the males, not caring to control their release, because to them that is all it is.

    Why haven’t they made a oral contraceptive for the Men? Why only the Women?

    I had a spark of light lets in my being when the verdict of The Supreme Court, came out. It’s time for the Women to take control, and let them jack off.

    It is not about sex, and drugs, and alcohol, and fun in all the wrong places. It is going back to the innocence of our babies, our families, our heritage.

    The Supreme Court of The United States, has taken their stand. No more legal murders. That is exactly what Abortion is. Life starts at conception. The days of Roe vs Wade, are gone with the wind.

    You are wasting precious energy being mad about The Supreme Court’s decision. Make the Laws, protecting extreme cases of pregnancy.

    Make the Wellness Centers for the Women, and the Children. Make it accessible for all Women who need help in their nine months of need, and after, as well, and give them the options to adopt or keep them.

    No one is left out. Everyone of them are going to be here, not gone forever. Seventy million never got the chance, because that one woman’s circumstances.

    It has been three months, my sister has been here she fell and broke her knee in half, twenty days later surgery. Next week, she will be going home. Sharing is caring. I am tired.

    No more get up, and go just for sex. No it has to be earned. Not as payment, as love, as friendship, as partners. No more free bees, just to get your rocks off. You are hurting Women, and then you go onto another, if not sooner, than later.

    No trust, no love, no understanding, no courage, no patience, no wisdom, caught in a bodily figment of sex being love, every thing after is messed up. Sex is over, and you go on your marry way, then what happens, you shun your responsibility after which you move onto the next. Just for the fun of it. Chalk another one up.

    Who are we? Spiritual or Flesh? We are both. We need to tap into it. My scars did not go away when I was absolved all those years ago. Every time I went I confessed the same sin, that and my cussing.

    The beginning of my writing the extensions to, “In Presence of Spirit.” I blurted out, and “the two who were inappropriately terminated of life which left me in darkness to the light!”

    “I suffered the repercussions of a master piece manipulator at my gate to finish off the realm of abominations, and to put, and end to it through Jesus Christ our Savior, our Redeemer, our Deliver, our benefit into the Glory of God is a generational cleansing to a oneness in truth.”

     Cut the ties to the past. Fight against the cause, eradicate the barriers. Make a contraceptive for men. They are the ones that get the women pregnant. Hit and miss.

    I think is affects more Men. You PLAY, you pay the whole price. No more games, no more lying, no more cheating, no more. When you play, you play for keeps. Or you pay the price. Be responsible to your respective.

    If you are ready to make a family at 15, 16, 17, 18. I know, all three of my teenagers had their babies. 18 to be exact. One great grandchild, one in heaven. None of it was easy. First one 15, then three by three, they were born, it was always a reminder of the loss I suffered. The inner pain, I felt was relieved when I accepted Jesus Christ, in totality.

    The Lord, is the reason, I wrote, to go from Heavy Heart, to In Presence of Spirit, then to all the extensions was, an incredible experience. There is not anything I want to take out.

    Even though the boldness in my writing is over the top, it is imperative, that I continue so, I can give it, it’s end. Change from darkness to the light. Stand up for your rights. Absolutely make sure you are, and he is protected in every way. Forget the spontaneity of the act.

    Think of the consequences, and there is no easy way out. Give your love, admiration to the Lord, and ask him to show you out of darkness into the light.

    Open up, and let the light shine on all the conceptions in the World, in the United States and make room for “Safe Haven’s for the transitional year after the last fight with yourself.” 

    The Supreme Court has saved the fetus for the purpose of cleaning up our Universal Rights. All the conceptions in the United States.

    Get the laws written to protect the innocent. Pass on through, fast as you can. Play time is over, this is serious. This way, Life starts at conception the way it has always been. Even though that person changed the Law. If that is Women’s Liberation, it really sucked. It gave more control to the man.

    Love is love, sex is sex, caring is sharing, as one, but how does one get to that.

    How about the disrespect, you get after. You have to feed them, and be their servant, you are left in the dark, while they have their life, and we isolate with our children. To many manipulator’s out there. It’s time for every one to have responsibility, for their actions, instead of some Abortion Clinic deleting the existence of the next generation.

    My Son has been gone, thirty three months. Nothing is the same without him. Nothing was ever the same after, I was a shell of a person.

    My pain was so deep, I do not deserve my physical one true love, to this day. He is not out there. I am still tainted even though I was absolved in the Catholic Church.

    Forty four years, and I have not gotten over it. Just tell them NO! Save yourselves from being used, and abused. Make them care, and share. Instead of shake, and bake and wham bam thank you.

    Give yourselves through Jesus Christ to God, and he will take care of everyone of us. Lets lift our hearts, and minds up to the heavens, and bring back the true beautiful aspects of life. For our children, for the families, for the Universal Rights of every conception. July 2, 2022 Wendy

© 2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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