To my ex-husband.

Photo with the flash backyard
One of those nights there was a light show

All the writings, I wrote to you is for The Holy Spirit’s purpose. To show you how big the Father’s love is for Humanity, through and with me, and now you, as you are reading.

Yes, everything I wrote you was a one of a kind write,

never to be repeated. 2005 Writings, I call, “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit.” All my writings are, one of a kind.

    All your letters came back, so I started editing them. As I can see each page, side has a writing. Anything that is about the Lord, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, God, the presence in spirit, that I wrote.

    Anything about my book, and what is written, page by dynamic page. Each page that is in, in presence of spirit, the entire of the whole book, all extensions, I wrote with The Lord, not without.

    My work for the Lord is documented, dated, and it is presented for the most part, how it is written. It is a lot of writing, I have done.

    It is always uplifting to have conversations with my Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit, is the one that took the void out of my being, and gave me a multitude of words to write.

    Through the Holy Spirit, he left us to find. It took me a while, but I think my journey is just beginning. I shared so much, it was meant to be written to you.

    I was stuck, I told you. Now I tell you straight up, and straight out. I am in the Lord’s presence, and I am faithful to Jesus Christ, my everything is with him, in him, through him, round about him. I am, “In Presence of Spirit.” 

    I proclaim the evidence, that I am not alone in my writing. It is spirit inspired, it is the presence of the Holy Spirit, with me a sinner, from darkness to the light, In the Presence of the Spirit, forever more. Wendy

© 2022-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.