Rocky Hills
God Bless You, right here, right now. God Bless Everyone right here, right now.

    God Bless You, right here, right now. God Bless Everyone right here, right now. Well, what’s up? Nothing is going on in my head.

    Oh Lord, show me the way to financial freedom so I can help us and then others. We will blast out to full fruition, and everyone is part of it. No one left out.

To All The Super Beings of Existence!

    In the clarity of, The Oneness of Christ, in every one of us. I Come to You, “In Presence of Spirit.” I Am One, Within The Universe! I lift the light of Forgiveness for Eternity’s sake.

I cast down all the negative of my life’s experience

into the depths of The Earth and filtrate it in The Light of Forgiveness from The One Source of God Eternal in Everyone.

I have a lot of work ahead of me in the physical.

    I am so tired of the same ole. I am a little restless. I feel I want a spontaneous trip out of dodge. I have 20 left — payday on the first and third. I am sitting outside with my trees and plants. I did some major work on this side of the yard today. The Sun moved on, and I can come out earlier. It is cooler under these trees of mine and Mother Earth. Thank You for taking care of them when I could not force myself.

The One True Source of Existence,

And All the Arch Angels, Guardian Angels, All the Legion of Angels, and everyone else knows what I have in my Writings is the truth from God through Jesus Christ, an All Mankind. Be that here, there, and everywhere. Things that are, that we can not see. Widen my perception again. I want to be free in the Eternal Presence of Spirit, for all to come home to the kingdom of heaven within.

Wendy Yvette Greenwell

“You are, In Presence of Spirit with me in Eternity.” Anytime whenever you read. From The Grace of God Our Father who is, The One Source of All Creation! I Love You, God. Thank You for Your Eternity Within The Inner Chamber of All Our Souls.

    Bless Everyone who is searching for their One True Love. My writings are beautiful. I did it for me, myself, and I. Each one of us is me, myself and I. So I am in, The I Am Presence, Universally Entwined, “In Presence of Spirit,” In Eternity! Right here! Right Now! Forever in Eternity.

    I understand it is the present tense, so it makes it omnipresent not for myself but for everyone, all at once, every time it is read. I believe this in my heart to be true. September 24, 2016, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©2016-2023 inpresenceofspirit.com Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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