It is a big wow.

Yellow is not the Sun
I took about 60 Photo’s in a roll and this yellow light was in every one of them

    I was putting code into each page of the 52 writings, I have posted. Then I started at the beginning, October 2011.

    I activated three plugins. One of them said, I had to take the code off. On, and off three times in 48 hours. Then I talked to someone about it, and he said, uninstall them.

    So, after all that information was deleted, I need to go back, and put the code in, and update it, again. What is strange, is the 20th, the site had 2,186 page views, 21st, 2,820 page views, and the 22nd, 4,995.

    Finishing off the time, with 70,821 page views for this year. I guess the secret is, you work on your website, it gets views, even if you are not an open channel, open to the public.

    The other day someone close to me, relative, told me it does not matter that my website, has  2,259,716 page views. It does not mean anything unless you make money.

    Oh Wow. That is not how I feel. I am not going to prove myself, unworthy, because I have not made a penny, on my massive website. That I made myself, that I wrote, me, myself, and I. Yeah, I did it, and I am sharing it still.

    Even though it was written yesterday, they all belong here today. The dates do not matter anymore. To me, they are beautiful spirit filled writings. Today I wrote, “Faith and Cause,” 26 years ago, that would be at the beginning.

    All my favorites went in first, I decided to Publish out of order. First come, first serve. “In Presence of Spirit,” being the first.

    For those of you, who are reading my conversations with the Lord. Thank you for taking time to read them. I love the night light show photo’s, I used to take. Nothing will ever be the same, for all of us who have lost our loved ones. God bless the whole Cosmos. Wendy

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