JUNE 5, 2020

Praise, Pray, Anointing, Forgiveness,

Moment of Video in the back yard
It is fascinating to take a camera phone with a flash

Truth, Strength, Faith, Wisdom, Courage, Love, Testimony, Compassion.

    Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity. Health, Realm, Dimension, Spirit, In Spirit, Higher Self, Inner Self, Divine Higher Self, Cosmos, Universe, Multi-Universe,

    Galaxies, Planets, Comet, Asteroids, Light, DNA, Ancestral background. Omnipotent, Magnificence, Magnitude, Dynamic, All are One, One are All. So within, so without, as above, so below.

    Creative, Fortitude, Reach up to the heavens in heart, mind, and soul. Gladness, Joy, beauty, Majestic, Light let’s, Hope, Endurance, Powerful, Together For Ever, Dimensions in time, place, and significant reason. Reach out to the Heaven’s.

    Archangels, Legions of Angels, Principles, principalities. I hold dominion over my dwelling. I have done the work.

    I am free to be me in Union with my dear heavenly Father in one in spirit. One in the Lord, Together to Proclaim The Majesty of the Ever Presence of our One Love. One Resurrection to Life Eternal, in One that is, and ever shall be World without end.

    These people need help, to find you sooner than later. Understanding, Patience, Eternal Love, Eternal Being, Space and Time. Why are we here? Your people need your manna. Rain down on the multitudes for clearing, cleansing, purification of the oneness of truth, which is in each one of our BEINGS.

    To behold The Beatitudes, That God the Father through his Son gave us, The Holy Trinity of Spirit, In Spirit. To take away the sins of the World, and give them peace in their ever presence.

    Start waking up to the new day, the new month, the new Year. 2020. We got this far. Using resources to destroy the atmosphere of our Complete Solar System. We are in Space. Time is flying by.

    The World is in dire straights, and everyone wants to play. Spend money on non-essential things. What happened to survival mode? Lies have taken over the masses.

    The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Liars are in all sectors of Society. Brutality has exceeded it’s boundaries, for there are no boundaries. People are running Rampant.

    Pain from Centuries ago because men think they are superior in their deception, control, and power, with no understanding of the right thing to do for, The People of Heaven on Earth.

    Entwined in The Ever-Presence of The Lord’s Spirit, to ignite the regeneration of our World, for God’s Kingdom Has Come, God’s Will is Done. Give it to God through Jesus Christ Our Lord, and Savior. To You with Love.

    In The Name of Jesus Christ Our Lord, and Savior. Bring love and light to the entire Body Elements. Ignite the Crystalline Grid at High  Vibrations and transmit it through the Air Waves, so the World can heal through this Pandemic., and everything else.

    Clear the air waves to light the way for World Healing through The Spirit of Our Dear Heavenly Father, with Our Soul. We all have a piece of the pie. We need to wake up and find Our Christ Again. The Love that once was is.

    The Lord is here in the here and now of yesterdays tomorrows. I am reaching out to you Lord. Activate The Love, Compassion, Understanding, Patience, Courage, Abundance, Clarity, in this, discoursing, on going dialog, I have written with you, not without.

    Help Lord, and all that You Are In Spirit, of each one of us. Even though so many have to wake up. I am still sharing the wealth of Spirit that dwells in our entire being. A Gift to You, anyone who will ever find, inpresenceofspirit.com. 

    Bring Light to the Eye, “I,” The I am of You are, and I am. Individually, and “All for One and One for All.” One Love in Eternity. Open up and let the Son rain down Love in the name of Jesus Christ. Wendy Y. Greenwell June 5, 2020

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