I have the complete writings, to complete.

My mirror image Norfolk Island Pine, not here anymore
My Mirror Image Norfolk Island Pine.

    My prayer garden needs some work. I need to know, that I know, what to do, and I need to do it. I do not need anyone’s permission, no one, but the only one, Jesus Christ who gave it all to me for the price, for the asking.

    I have done the rest, the time, just sailed by. I feel I grabbed precious moments in spirit to spirit communication, and the verification has touched the one I wrote.

    It was not to win him back, it was to free us from the wounds of our separate pasts, plus our past together, fourteen and a half years and our twelve beautiful but hard years apart.

    To put Jesus Christ at the head of our relationship and to share it with him, because he was the only one who asked me to pray with him. He opened me up to the inside of me, where I found Jesus Christ, my writings, and my inner turmoil of no meaning for so many years.

    This is what I was looking for. A piece of heaven, a positive future for Mankind. A healing of each and every soul, who asks, and receives, a passion for Jesus Christ, he gave his life for all, he bore our sins, so once, we can be forgiven, and give to him what is rightfully his, our hearts, minds, and souls, be one in spirit, one in the Lord, be universally knowledgeable.

    This is the knowledge, I was given. I still can not speak it. So with all this over one hundred six thousand words, writing with the Lord. I have to complete! December 1, 2007, Wendy Greenwell

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