I found out the hard way.

Perfect Sphere formation without the moon, see the ripples
There is a big difference in sharing and taking!

    As I published my writings of 2005, they were being taken at the same time, to claim dominion over my writings, to the husband of my youth, and it was fed into /feeds/posts/default, which took My Rights away from me.

    All-access was fed into someone else’s domain/feed. Gee! The views, the members, the traffic, access to me was denied.  They could even go to my blog. I would not know because they took the back door in.

    You know how people say: You have to go through a chain of command. When I decided to send, “Stop Legalized Abortion,” I changed the name to, “Show Them The Way,” because I sent it to the President. Copy of his letter to me was at the bottom, it did not copy, so I deleted it.

    I went to the top. Forget the middleman. As so; with my writings, “In Presence of Spirit.” I went to Jesus Christ; there was not a middleman. I went directly to Jesus Christ, in all my writings. God through Jesus Christ To Us, the only way to get to God, is through Jesus Christ. I took a stand, for The Rights of The Blogger.

      Feed-spot has relinquished dominion over my, “In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” For this I am thankful. I leave this part of it, in God’s hands, because it is for His Purpose, that I expose my innermost being, to whoever is ever going to read my writings. Wendy Yvette Greenwell October 10, 2013

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