Eight years, three against one,

The cycle keeps repeating itself, until all there is, is disgust and mistrust.

    All choices were self-indulged, the cycle keeps repeating itself, until all there is, is disgust and mistrust.

I have come to realize,

How unworthy I have been, but in the faith of Jesus Christ, and all the writing hereof: I know that You Jesus Christ ignited the light of You, in my soul, and I am abundantly blessed. Even though, I have all these unsightly blemishes, to heal through You Jesus.

Take away the sins of the World.

    Oh, Jesus, I want to print it out, Our extended book. I know in my being, it is from You, through You, in Me, round about Us.

Dear Jesus Christ, I give You My Love and My Life.

    For what is one to You, In You, Roundabout You. I have failed in many areas, but I have reached the kingdom of heaven within. I have written in, Your Presence, I have shared You, To The World. I have given, Your testimony through Me, even though, I feel beat down, from the everyday collisions of three siblings, six grandsons, one that is, with You, in Heaven.

Oh, Jesus Christ, I have You to share, and the ones that are in need could receive, by The Grace of God.

    I have no control left Jesus. Lord cleanse me of my sins. Guide and direct, my way back to You. So I can complete that which has been given. Even though I am a wreck in ways, take the anger and frustration away. Keep unwanted creatures off my porch.

Help me, forgive my children, for the negative, they have put upon me.

    Forgive Me, Forgive them, of their trespasses, Lord enter them herein. Guide and direct them in, Your Complete Salvation. Hold fast their love, to Your Presence in Spirit. Help Me, Help them, in dependence upon, You Complete. You Are The Only One Who Can Heal Our Souls. Make the crooked way straight. I need a change. I need some help. February 25, 2006, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.