I am saved. I am Baptized. I am Holy at times.

Fog Photo in the front yard
The lavender sphere was in every photo

I am, a messenger, as well as everyone else. I am a healer in words for who ever needs it. I am, magnified to a literate writer. I am, loved, I am, love, I am, loving. I am, thoughtful. I am, a blessing to myself, and Humanity.

    I am, magnificent, I am, bountiful, I am, ready to see Mike. I am, depth, I am, entwined in the ever presence of his majesty. I am, majestic in the heavens, and on earth.

    I am, able, capable, to fulfill my hearts quest in completing my part in Jesus Christ World Awakening, through the one Source, In God We Trust.

    Teach me how to pray. To heal the whole bunch of us. To lesson my sisters pain. Show me the way to financial freedom. Give me eyes to see again, a heart to heal, and the one, the only one, to love, which ultimately is myself.

    I am, In Presence of Spirit. I am healthy. I am strong, I am harmonious. I am successful. I am happy, I am loving, I am productive, I am compassionate, I am bold, I am ignited in Spirit. I am understanding, I am patient. I am prosperous.

    I am one with my Creator. I am knowledgeable. I am a Published Author. I am a writer. I am Spirit, I am wise, I am wisdom,

    I am, unstoppable in my quest to leave a precious keepsake for my children, grand children, and great grandchildren. For the World. I am confident.

    “I should read this every day. My brain was very optimistic, positive in a bunch of ways.” Wendy

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A Journey from darkness to the light.