I was on a roll.

Last nights Photo in the back yard
Rain particles make lights

I lost momentum. Zapped of my energy. Hard to do! What! Stop, look, listen, and hear, what I am supposed to do next.

If I could laugh,

I would. Nothing is funny. The World is suffering. So many lives lost everyday. The love that once was, is now, and forever, In Presence of Spirit.com. All my conversations with the Lord, shared not hoarded.

    Even though it took me fifteen years, to put it on the Internet. I have been on-line since October 2011. Not publishing to my hearts desire, because there were bumps in the road.

I think five hundred, and forty one posts is big.

It can get bigger. I am going through the left over pages again, and throwing away, what is not essential.

    No one will know what to do with my writings when I pass on. I hope they do not get thrown away. I guess I need to Publish them fast, before my death, no one is going to do it after I am gone.

    I know this is morbid to write. I do have ailments that put me over the limits. Down here in deep South Texas, the virus is spreading. Fifteen miles from the Border.

    I cannot put this situation in a man’s hand. The only one who can do anything about this is, through the Love of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

    Lord, I pray to you in Jesus Christ name, bring down the Holy Spirit, through, and through. Bring light to the broken hearted. Bring love to a oneness of truth, that is through the only begotten Son.

    To show the way out of the wilderness. Bring them into the light of the ever presence of the Holy Spirit. Bring healing waters of enlightenment to the World United, One in Spirit, One in the Lord.

    You know, I have given all of this to the Lord. All of the writings on inpresenceofspirit.com, belong to the one, and only ruler of our soul, shared to anyone who wants to read it.

    This is a freehand, I have not done in a long time. I missed the last two days. I could not force myself to Publish. 25,442 views, as of this morning. When I Publish the site gets more views.

    They do not come to the site much, they just get it where it goes, lightning speed. So great. Maybe I am overboard with my Photo’s. From night blind, to my first camera with a flash, was fascinating. I enjoyed it.

    Nothing is the same since my Son’s passing. Well, all I can say is, wont you please have your own conversations with the Lord. To the Christ Spirit within us all. Wendy

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