I am not going to put him in a Nursing Home.

He is my best friend ever, and I am in it till the end.

That would be cruel and unjust. He is my best friend ever, and I am in it till the end. As for Mike, Lord Jesus, I give him completely and ultimately to you. I loved him in Spirit, for the purpose you gave him to me to love, and be part with me, in the writings, you set forth when he activated the inner, and highest contact.

    I had when he acknowledged me, even in our times of personal eye contact. We were talking even though we did not say a word. I had no other agenda. I can not take care of another person.

The higher self of me,

that is in existence, in my multi-dimensional self. Help me, shed some light into my 3 D Reality and bring to a higher awareness, so I can share my writings to the World. Less than 2,000,000 views is not enough. I have kept them hidden from the Social Elements of Society because of fear of a sort.

I wish to by pass every obstacle,

and reach a higher awareness, and touch, In Presence of Spirit, physically again. In Spirit to Spirit Communication. We will overcome these difficulties and find Our Christ Jesus in Spirit of The Ever Presence of The One God of All Creation. I Love You, show me the way again. Help me with the physical pain I am suffering.

    Hold fast your love to enlighten the Divine Spark that is within me. To rise above my present circumstances into the higher vibration of my eternal existence, to by pass the present circumstances of The World’s Condition. To be part of the Solution in One with Our Father who is in Heaven and on Earth.

Open up, Spirit of The Lord, shine the ever present light in every soul,

that ever was, is and ever will be. Your will is done. Lord and My will needs to open up to the activation of The One True Law. Which is through Jesus Christ, birth, life, ministry, death, resurrection to life eternal. One in the Father, One in The Son, and One in The Holy Spirit, together forever in Eternity.

    God the Father of All Mankind, The Holy Spirit is here, in the here, and now of yesterdays tomorrows. One on one communication. We are all together in this, no one left out.

So I lift my Spirit, to my higher extensions of myself, to get me out of my personal human drought.

    I ask for my higher consciousness, to come, and visit, and what I must do to take the writings to the next level of envelopment. My brain is clear of obstruction. I need to activate the omnipresence of the oneness, I shared in the writings, I was blessed to write.

Higher Level of Awareness, Gratitude, Manifestation of the Spirit dialog.

    I always knew, I was going to share my writings. I could not wait any longer. I had to Publish each time to the World. Even when I was uncomfortable.

    Hold me up, because I have fallen, and hurt my knee. I lost the spark that ignited me, to write in present tense, no matter when I wrote them. Give me strength, courage, understanding, knowledge, patience, wisdom to follow through with the course of love that I share with you,, not just for me but for the World.

    I feel, I want to sleep. I do not know why. I just do. Take care and know you are loved in Spirit, with The Ever Presence of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, from God Our Father of All Mankind. Love Wendy December 18, 2020 I put this in private. I am going to Re-Publish. It is significant, in so many ways, for me anyway. Take care, from me to you.

© 2020-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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