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“In Presence of Spirit,” now, “In Presence with Spirit.” I was never on my own.

    While, “I am, In Presence of Spirit, my reason is for the over all purpose of finding my Christ again. The I am of me, myself, and I, that is not consumed with fear. When I am working on the conversations I have in Spirit with the Lord, I am free to be me in my, “I Am Presence.”

    It has taken me years to find the uplifting resources on the internet. It is verified, in the ever presence of my being. I have never been alone in my journey from darkness to the light.

    The unseen, unknown, Angelic forces were only acknowledged a few times. I went to Jesus Christ Holy Spirit. He gave me the rights, through the darkest hours of my souls journey. To the light that he shined on, “In Presence of Spirit,” from day one, to now, and forever. Wendy

© 2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.