I called my hosting.

Rain Photo in the back yard
I like my night photo’s

I talked to the one, and only person that could help me go through the process of deleting large amounts of files, in the heart of the server. Massive amounts of data, I deleted in one click. On another issue, she said, I would have to talk to my Developer. I said, I do not have one.

    Now, I am here for the rest of 2022. God willing. I wonder what the year is going to bring. The site hit 94,647 page views for this year. Only because I have worked on it.

    My site is secure, and the threat of losing it is gone. It is a relief. I did not know what I was going to do with my time. Especially after Publishing 60, in sixty nine days.

    I need to revise a quote I wrote, last Publication. My personal conversations with the Lord, are priceless to me, they are also, timeless. Even the one’s I have the dates on.

    The Dr., the Assistant Physicians Assistant, a couple of RN’s, LVN, came over to check on Richard, they have discharged him from the services.

     They did not order any devices that would help in anything. No bed rails.  A Hoyer Lift, of some sort, or something he could grab on to, to help me dress him, for goodness sake. They were’ no help at all.

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