I figure when it is expedient for me to act,

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I will because I will have been called to change again.

To achieve mastery of the presence,

so as to share it to everyone, who wants an end. A way to the Spirit of truth, and enlightenment.

    We are one in the Spirit, I come only to thee in Spirit. Spirit has no form, for no form is needed, in Spirit. The flow of positive energy floods your inward being.

    The shedding of the old feelings of nothing perk up into “the true beautiful aspects of life, therefore making us open our souls to be waiting when God is ready for us.”

You are not alone.

Jesus Christ from God, has opened the door to his heart, and is letting us come into Father God.

    Thank you Christ Jesus, I pray the blind will see, I pray the lonely will find their home with you, through you, round about the comfort the Holy Spirit, you blessed, us with.

    For those who find that the kingdom of heaven is within. Can be obtained, through God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

    Through the life, ministry, death, resurrection to life eternal, with you, through you, round about you, in the Spirit of truth. Ours for the asking in pure faith.

    This makes sense to me. Bless people, everyone with inside understanding, through the heart, and soul.

    The mustard seed is ready to ignite, and you are onto significant stages of envelopment.

    In pure faith of your Majesty Christ Jesus, my, our Lord and Savior. Wendy,

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A Journey from darkness to the light.