I can do anything with my writings, I want to do.

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It is not orbs, it is rain drops

It was planted the day, “In Presence of Spirit,” fell into my hands. That one in a million second that I had a heart to heart, in Spirit, that has stayed with me for thirty years.

    I am sharing it with the World although many have not found it. Well, today is right now. Right now, I need to perceive what has been sown in the manuscript by Wendy Y. Greenwell. “You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” https://inpresenceofspirit.com.

    It is not the same as being productive to a degree of manifestation. I have burnt myself out. Same routine for seventeen years, seventeen Grand children, one in heaven.

    Friends with Richard, in all that entails, to not have one day just for me. It is alright, I am content. I am not begrudging. Besides I am a home person. I really hate the heat.

    Well, I have lost it but it is a start to the greater good of Humanity, no one left out. I have not pushed it Socially because I am not able to produce anything current. My writings are from the past. I believe, I read them in the present tense each time, I work on them.

    I like it here. No place else I would rather be. Lord God Almighty maker of the heavens, and the Earth. I bow down with an heavenly kiss of love for you, and your ever presence.

    Bring me out of the dark, and into the light again. I so long want to be, “In Presence of Spirit,” with you. Wendy

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A Journey from darkness to the light.