Not to make a big deal,

but it is the biggest present, I ever received. I have to share. Time is up. I can not procrastinate the inevitable anymore.

Night Fog Photo in the front yard
Love Foggy Nights

    I wrote a partial book, it is Published. It has not been read but by a few family members. My twin has not read it, “still.”

    I have always felt the need to share. I am getting ready to share a gift, that has been so graciously given to me. Time “In Presence of Spirit,” with people who need some Spirit to Spirit up time.

    It calms my Spirit, it contemplates, it listens, it relieves, it balances the positive and tips over the negative. It calls out to the presence of spirit in my soul.

    It identifies the difference between flesh verses Spirit. Spirit is much more soothing. The ailing heart feels the presence in the words that are formed to dialog my conversations with the Lord. January 12, 2009

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