I am going to work on Publishing today.

My Palm Tree in the backyard
Sphere and Light Tube atmosphere

I have a bunch to Publish. Everyone has their place on the extensions of all the writing’s of, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    All belong together forever in the heavens, they are. I am getting ready to figure it out. We have all come this far. I do not need to back track in my understanding.

    This is helping me be, “in presence of spirit.” I feel the need to start Publishing again. It has been awhile. I am going to put some time into it. I am ready to start sharing again.

    For to see it through the veil, and back has given me the will to complete my writings, “In Presence of Spirit.” I can not let me, myself, and I, down. It is for The Lord’s purpose, My Savior of eternities souls. 

    I can look past my present circumstances, and move forward into the light of day, when you gave me, “In Presence of Spirit.” Thank you so much Lord for all our conversations in Spirit.

    I had not finished. We, my twin, and I picked our sister up yesterday at the Hospital. The oxygen was delivered. I had to have a tank of oxygen, to pick her up. Everything has changed.

    Okay, I am going to Publish. I am needing inspiration, and the only way I can get it, is to input, Publish, and share. Come back to the basic element, that brought me the rights to Publish my writings. I did it. The credit goes to me. Wendy

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