God in Jesus Christ’s omnipresent name.

Unusual Photo in the front of the house
This one was out of the ordinary

Guide, and direct our beings to the answer of the whole. To regenerate the oneness that is with, and through the Holy Spirit of our awakening.

    I am ready to start the process again. To achieve that which is achievable, through the Holy Trinity, In Christ’s hands.

     Who knows what miracles God has waiting for us. The World together in harmony with the Love of God. Bless the completion of “In Presence of Spirit.com by the Spirit of Christ, with me.

    I decided to leave the first book, forget everything, I did with preparing that part of the book. So, I could focus on putting all the writings in order to there fulfillment.

    I am fixing to start inputting all these words, prayers, praises, writings, quotes from the Holy Spirit. Wendy

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A Journey from darkness to the light.