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Faith, protection, understanding.

My brother and his significant other
Thank You, Lord Jesus, for, The Presence of Your Spirit

The Cleansing of the cobwebs, knowledge, continual process, but constructive, instead of destructive, Courage, Fortitude, The Courage in endurance, Patience. Guidance in things not seen. Plus gift of writing, “In Presence of Spirit,” the book. 

Total Salvation.

    Seventh You Rest, In and Through, The Unveiling of Christ, which gives you life, and through Christ, is freedom from damnation.

    Baptism-Total Immersion, is the reincarnation of our souls, in the here and now. From the death of sin, to fully understanding, the meaning, and rights, that are given through, The Love of Jesus Christ’s, Love for His Father. In following through, “The One Truth” To Purification, Laid His Life Down, To Save Mankind, From Darkness.

    Deliverance, shedding off all the old beliefs, and misconceptions of life’s cycles. To break itself off so the regeneration could come forward, in the designated time.

 Forgiveness whoa, lamentations, in order.

    Supplication, Awesome Prayers In Faith, of The Lord’s Ever Presence, and The Sphere In Which The Lord Can Hear, and So Regenerated, The Passion, Through My Faith, In The Presence of the Lord, In Spirit.

    My losses gave up my life. Granted immunity. Freedom to follow through with the unveiling course, to the promises, judgments, mysteries. Clarification in understanding, allowed. Knowledge, attained. Wisdom, In The Spirit, Realm. 

    Constructive thought, on paper, anyway. Getting out of the complete negative, to sowing the seeds, for the mass regeneration, through Jesus Christ, Teachings. The Love for The Father in Heaven. The Testaments from old, of The Coming of The Messiah. To Fulfill, The Treasure of God’s Blessings, Promises, Mysteries.

To Bring Peace to Mankind, from The Love of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy of Holy Spirit,

through Jesus Christ’s love, life. Mortified Cruelty, endured. For the more significant, to put an end, to the dominion of sin. To lay the way for death in the flesh, to life eternal, with the Lord, in the Lord, through the Lord, roundabout The Lord’s Presence in Spirit. 

    In Jesus Christ Life, Jesus Christ Ministry, in Jesus Christ Unified Oneness, with Our Father, Who Is In Majesty, awaiting the arrival of all the souls, that have been lost, through the generations, searching for The Truth. 

Only through Christ Jesus, lies the answers, to the questions, that need t answers.

    Now, for complete regeneration, “Save The World.” Inside every person, is a soul from God, waiting to be let free, from the bondage, that has kept humanity chained.

    The cleansing can only be attained, through the transition from sin. To fully accepting Christ, as your, Personal Savior. Then The Baptism, and The Holy Spirit will take you through, from the cleansing to the truth, continued protection.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for The Presence of Your Spirit.

    My faith lies in Your Blood of Blessings, For Mankind to Come In Heart Passion, To The Truth, of Our Existence. To Be Redeemed from Darkness, To The Light of Jesus Christ my love, my reason for living still. May 16, 1997, Wendy Yvette Greenwell  

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