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It was awesome to be, “In Presence of Spirit.”

Tahiti Waterfall Love it
It Was Awesome To Be In Presence of Spirit

Words are flowing with nowhere to hide. Right out there in the open. So anyone can run across, one day. Personal in such an intimate way.  The Writings on the whole.

Then out of the left-field, everything fell into place.

So I could publish, the writings that the husband of my youth, inspired me to write. I have to tell you when he wrote, W G, please pray with me, it struck.  

2005 Writings, “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit,” and “In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.”

All the writings put together. Ultimately it did, even though we had rough years, and he went and married someone else, three months after our Divorce. I always cared about him.

I abandon my life for Jesus Christ, as he says in the Bible.

“do not come down off your roof  and take anything out of your house, ” lived it, I spent some time on my roof, (then)

    Now so that you know, my writings are not a book anymore. They are all individual writings, this is obvious. I crashed my computer with all the writings in 2011. It all went together, day, week, month, year, my eyes cannot handle that again.

 I have shared one hundred ninety-three writings, to date.

Sixty-four on wendyyvettegreenwell.blogspot.com and one hundred twenty-nine, right here. One hundred ninety-three writings. Someone told me a blog is for several people to converse. I do not know. 

Wendy’s “In Presence of Spirit.com” Website.

    I can share, but I can not get paid because I am not selling anything. Well, I could not, and I can not, wait, to Publish the old fashioned way. A book, been there, done it, did not sell. September 6, 2013, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

    I crashed my 2007 HP Pavilion, Lost all my pictures, lost everything on my computer. My brother bought me an HP with the Tower, for my birthday.  How sweet he is.

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