I need to pray

I took thousands of photo’s. Not anymore.

for the way to open up the heavens again. In myself, for the purification of the entire Now. Right now, in yesterdays, tomorrows. Right now, I long to be in communication in Spirit, with everyone at the same time.

    Being here or not, in all other Galaxies, the whole Cosmos, the whole of the entire everything seen and unseen. In actuality We Are! We are all here right here, right now. We are all in presence of spirit, at the same time. No matter here or there.

    Yes, it is up in the heavens, it is meant to mend World’s broken hearts. It is a break away from the norm. If you read in the I am of you, and not me, you would have more understanding.

    Never for myself alone, I knew this from the 1996 beginning, “Knowledge.” Spent January 1996, to January 17, 2023, Twenty seven years with my personal conversation with the Lord.

    Always knowing I was going to share from the beginning. Just by writing, I was sharing in Spirit, to you. Everyone here, there, and everywhere. That is my spontaneous spiritual nature that needs to be fully activated. I need help.

    We were exposed to asbestos in the big house. 1988-December 29, 1995.I drilled a hole to hang a hanging basket, no mask, oh me, oh my. I fell off the face of the earth. Four days before my youngest daughters tenth birthday. They did not want to go to the shelter with me. I was total burn out, besides I had some writing to do.

    From beginning to end, and end to beginning. Physically by myself, Spiritually the Holy Congregation of our Lord God Almighty in the Spirit of One God the Father, One God the Son, and One God the Holy Spirit.

    The Trinity of Union of Divine Mercy. My writings are not written in vain. They are guided by the light of love for all eternity. All of them are, In Presence of Spirit, one in spirit, one in the Lord, which makes them yours, mine and ours’s. Even if you do not understand.

    I need to open up, and let the light shine through the pages of the writings of Looking past my present circumstances. I need to finish this off. Who knows, how long, God knows. Wendy

© 2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


January 07, 2023,

Still interesting

To all my brothers, and sisters, in eternity, now and forever, right now. That means, everything that is at this time. “In the Holy Congregation of, “You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” since, 2009, “Sweet Mercies,”

    To be free to capture spirit communication, is the ultimate. I want to be there again. engulfed with, and in Spirit, instead of the present circumstances. That is a major shift in this body’s health, and well being.

    I have a pea size nodule, on the bottom left lung. Alright as I write, I am smoking one of my last cigarettes’. I am a freak. I did not care about the consequences. “in my own little corner.”

    I have always known that if I get Covid any variant I will not make it. I wear a mask when I go out in Public. For as short as time as possible. My children, and grandchildren, none of them are up to date. Some have not been vaccinated, even though the severity. Unreal. We, have four Elderly, people in this house.  With health issues.

    Until the day I die I will wear two mask. in Public. Yuk, double yuk, there are still germs everywhere in the air.  I double my masks and I wear a nose guard which is perfect. My nose does not get disturbed.

    I do not trust anyone, I was talking to my neighbor after three years. She tells me, I have had covid for four days. I freaked, as soon as I could, I got my first test, because they gave me a lot of Doctor appointments to go through seeing it has been a couple of years since I did my yearly exams.

    What can I do. Open up, and let the light shine on the darkened corners of our hearts. We all make choices. Thing is, when the Holy Spirit sparked the light in my heart, he gave me wings to fly to a higher awareness.

    I had spurts over the years. In totality I had a lot of time, In a whole special way, it was always meant to be shared. Wendy

 ©  2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell