I have spurts of times, “In Presence of Spirit.”

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Universally In The Dimension Between Space and Time

 If I were to, acknowledge my existence, as a wordy writer for The Lord. What, would you say? I have been studying, and right now, nothing is in my mind, it is entirely blank.

    I have almost caught up again. I have greater insight, why all this book has come to be. All my writings have come to be. Every obstacle has been tossed, to the sands, in time.

    The time is now. Ready. Set. Go. I have been going on and on, about what I know, to be from, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. One in Spirit. One in The Lord. Forever in Eternity.

    We will overcome the plague of discontent, and remember where we come from, from darkness to the light, of God’s Great Power Calling.

     Through your sister in Christ, from The Holy Spirit, through me, to you, who needs some time, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    Lord Jesus in, Your Presence, I have found, the kingdom of heaven within. I have to share, this, the storehouse of treasures that, “We Share, As One in Spirit.” Together, Entwined, In The Presence of Your Spirit, and My Spirit, In One With, The Holy Trinity.

    God the Father, God the Son and daughter, and The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, My Lord. The one, that made all this happen. Your Purpose is my purpose, and my purpose is Your purpose. Our Joining, “In Presence of Spirit,” has made it accessible, for all, to come into the kingdom of heaven, within. Where You are and where You will always be, Eternally Present. 2:06 a.m. July 2009 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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It is better to be the subject to ridicule, then to be there, oneself.

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Thanks, Be To God The Father

For because if thou art there, then does not thou mean, that ye listened. “Oh ye of little faith,” for if the wise do speak their truth. Then who am I, but the messenger, disguised through glasses, eyes of heavenly dew?

For it is better to bear the pain. For when the tide rolls in, there be I, with He, who made me — whole in His entirety, straightway from hell, into his heaven.  

    Thanks be to, The Father, Holy art thou, who made the Heavens, and the Earth, for it is, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Which has brought us out of the dunghills?  

    I have lost man’s way, but in God’s way, I have triumphed. For God, straightway, showed me the way, out of the darkness. Through the long tunnel of darkness. I have not been satisfied, with man’s way. God’s way, is greater than you can imagine. He is the life and light of our souls. He has not forsaken us, we have Him.

     Lord, forgive us, for being, so weak, in faith. Bless people, with the ability, to know, that you have been with them, all the while, and stir their spirit. 

    Bring a song to their ear, throughout their being. Bring dance, to their bodies, to rejoice, in the movements, of our bodies. Bring gladness, to hearts, for sure there is an end to pain. Lord, recognize not I, who am writing, but to all the people, who yet are afflicted. February 24, 1996, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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You are doing the Universal Thing.

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You are doing the Universal Thing. We Are All Here To Fulfill God’s Purpose

We need massive awareness, on account of, our brothers, and sisters, who are struggling, for understanding. “The wheel within the wheel.” You are, The Truth, You are, The Knowledge. You are, Salvation, To The Degree, Your Power, is All-Mighty, All Perfect.

    For if all were figured, given in vision from, The Holy Ghost, then man would consume that also, for his abominations, rightfully so. Greed, adultery, abuse-spiritual, physical, mental, materialism, utilizing plows, against the abused. The abuser goes free, and the abused struck with fire.

    Rightfully so. The sheathing is the purification, of one’s heart and soul. Outside obstruction, needs to be stamped out for one cannot focus, when the mind is scattered and has known hurt, by circumstances, of all life’s experiences.

We are all here To Fulfill God’s Purpose.

    Each one of us, women and men, can know the whys, and reasons for each of their thoughts. It is all in the package, which started, at time’s beginning.

    God is here. God is now. God surrounds us with The Glory. If we but blot out mind corruption, and meditate on God’s perfection. “God,” is there waiting. “God is understanding.” “God” is ready to sheath the spots, which have grown in the darkness, of a pit, with no light outlet, once the light starts peeking through, Whoa! Look!

     No one could help the trauma, substantially. The lack of trust was never elevated, it came, to no amends, made for transgressions.  I have an understanding of why I stayed for years.

    What is Your plan for me, Lord? Help me see Your Light, with Knowledge, Understanding, Fortitude, Compassion. Passion for, Your Universal Love, and courage to follow your voice, in all that is discoursing.

A Course for The Light of Jesus Christ My Savior,

    The only course that means everything to me, You are my Light. You are my Refuge. You are The Truth. You are my Guide. You are the mountains, the waters, the trees, the flowers, the plants.

    You are the air and the wind. You are the breath, that has inspired me. You are my world. You are my heart, my soul. You are my beloved Jesus Christ, and I bow down at Your feet, with a holy kiss of love for You, Jesus Christ. For without You, all would be no more. There is One Ruler, Lord and it is You. In Jesus’ Christ Loving Living Blood.

    I ask for your speedy return, with the passion, of your life, and parable mysteries. That is right past, present, and future. I know, I walked through faith, Lord Jesus. I have tasted your strength, your courage, and your guidance. I have and can read the writing on the wall.

All the Prophets wrote, Your True Essence.

    You are, You have always been, You will still be. Our Lord Jesus Christ, Savior from Our Beloved, God Almighty. God the Maker of Heaven and Earth. To show the way, through the generational deterioration of unions of people, who have accomplished little, in two thousand years.

    Man’s Stride has been in vain, for himself, to possess, and control the Peoples of the Congregations, of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Many, to write, “It is not too late.”

All has been accomplished.

    We know all have come short of, The Glory of God. We identify seven times, must pass over. Then the realization becomes, inward understanding. All of the answers are in God’s words.

    The man is cocky. He has put God’s words aside, while he is lusting in his riches, in his adulteries, in his thoughtless, thoughts of being more than dust in the wind, that has regenerated, his own, selfless self, generation by generation.

    For it is in the seed of generations, that subsides, our morbid realizations, of all the evil abominations, which have conquered men’s souls, since time began. We are the generation, to end the atrocities, the decay of lies, materialism, the greed of all kinds, control, and power, with no truth, in existence.

    For if done with a dead heart, which is soul, and then truth prevails, who is the loser? Not I. For with all the sheathing of my life’s knowledge, circumstances, traumas, etc., I have walked without, and now my heart is open, honest, willing.

The understanding of God’s words has opened the ultimate gate of care.

    Knowledge is seen, through Christ and only through Christ, Is Salvation, Understanding, The Baptism, Brings Wisdom, all of which belong to, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Angels are spokespersons on one’s journey, through the wilderness, help from henceforth, and forever. Amen

    The wheel within the wheel is the cycle of life. The circles become cycles, days become weeks, the weeks become months, the months become years, and you are in worse dung than you were before. If the problem is taken away for a while, the self is aware of relief, but substantially, has the effect, of the cycle of abuse, for many years. February 1996 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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2 Peter 1:21, For the righteous man dwelling among them,  

Another view Mountain Waterfall Tahiti
The capture of the true meaning of life is in our hearts, planted there since time began.

in seeing and hearing vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds.    

2 Peter 3:8, but beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.    

1 John 3:18, My little children, let us not love in word, neither in the tongue, but in deed and truth.    

1 John 4:2, Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God.     

1 John 4:4 Ye are of God, little children and have overcome them because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. King James Version      

Present Tense In All Principles of The Laws of The Universe.     

    God is All! God is Good!  God is, Omnipresent, In Infinite Grace, Binding In, The Glory of, Our Savior Jesus Christ. Only through all, diligent search. Can entreat, my soul, to so much knowledge, and understanding of the past, essence of sin.     

    It is through Jesus Christ, in heart and soul, that we live, through the forgiveness, of sins, for which, Our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, died for us. People think who is she, she is no one, with no money, behind her, she has not worked for pay.

    I worked through, round about me, iniquity was surrounding me, everywhere I turned. Husband, liar, deceiver, manipulator, abuser, emotional, spiritual, physical, (at times), conclusive to torture of one’s reality of hell.     

    Nothing was good enough because everything was a lie. Turn your cheek, seventy times seventy, asking the Lord; I do not understand what you mean?

 How do I get to you?

    I’ve sinned so treacherously; I’ve not had the strength to hold steadfastly; lust, greed, and all the abominations are ’round about; cannot let go of my mistakes; cannot stop hurting; being dead entirely of feeling, of life, of spirit. I am tired after fourteen and a half years. I needed a rest, desired work.       
    There was no one on earth, as convicted as I, in sin, with being in limbo, for the revelation of, Jesus Christ, is a moment away, but seems like a lifetime.       
    The road is long and hard for the search of the truth. It is one within, but to go within, you need to let all, the outside distractions go. The capture, of the true meaning of life, is in our hearts, planted there since time began. For the redemption of our sins, Christ lived. Christ lives, in every one of us.     
    It is not human lusts, that will fulfill you, for there is nothing in materialism. You cannot take anything, with you. Not only that which is nothing, anyway, but the inner pain of loneliness, grips all of us, with or without people around us, loneliness, that is omnipresent.

For it is not, through lusts, that we live, move, and have our being,

    But through, “The Blood of Jesus Christ Our Savior,” who is past, present and future. Who is life, now and forever.  For without, Our Lord Jesus Christ, we are but pained, in the midst, of our world, alone. Lost, among the scattered sheep, searching, but not finding. For the answer, lies within, deep within, the passages of time, since the beginning of time.
    I have, as with the world, live in ourselves. Knowing it does not matter. There is no satisfaction in the reality of the physical world for me. There is no meaning in it. All is material, greed, self-enveloped, self-absorbed, non-fundamental.     
For it is through Christ Our Savior,
that peace, patience, endurance, and long-suffering, will have justification, in the end. Freed from the offspring of a man, with no shepherd.
The shepherd is calling us in.

    All the scattered sheep, are coming home to, Father God through Jesus Christ Our Savior. Cool. Thank you, Lord, for understanding. In Jesus’ name, Lord, we are going into tomorrow. Twenty-four hours. Lord, help me be in your graces, the day through. Let my work, be through you, for in the world, as it is, there are memories of a marriage, that could have been rectified, in working through Christ, but was not forgiven, for a purpose.

    Lord, if he chooses to marry her, I wish them no guile, for I am with you in truth. Deceit and no-trust do not become me. God’s way, is the true direction. For I was lost, without You, and now I am found. For My Love, Is In You, Through You, ‘Round About You, for You Are The Only Truth, That Is Omnipresent, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. 

    Lord, please guide our children. Let them know, I am working on me with you, and it hopefully, be your will for me, to be with our children again. Your will be done, when it is your time, Lord. Thank You, Lord Jesus, In Your Ever Present Blood. In Jesus We Trust. Thank You, Heavenly of Heaven. He was already married, yes we got Divorced on February 20, 1996, and they married, May 18, 1996, I did not find out till later. I had already given it to the Lord. Amen! May 29, 1996, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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“Calling some women “nuts,”

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We Lose Our Spontaneity and Our Independence

So accessing, a surprise divorce attack, on October 23, 1997. I feel the imminent need, to write a note to you, regarding your answer, about divorce. Oh, your answers are glorified, but it is the man’s answer, not, The Woman’s, to any degree.

Outsiders, do not understand, why these women, have lost themselves, to jealousy, possessiveness, out of control obsession: it is a degenerative process.

After the honeymoon, then what?

    The woman takes care of the man’s every need; feedings, not feelings, cleaning, do this, do that, get, this, get that, don’t do this, don’t do that, lecturing of bull dung and submitting ourselves, to their, every whim, their nights out, and all our, nights alone.

    Then there comes the baby; then the child is first. Extra work, cycles into a degenerative process, and the women drown. Name-calling, acts of disrespect, the drinking days, become more frequent. The man gets less cared for, because the wife, is tending to the baby’s needs, which are on call, twenty-four hours a day. Who, does not know, that?

    The woman is exhausted! The days, cycle to weeks, weeks to months, months to years. Baby two, once again days weeks, months. Baby three, no time off. 82, 84, 86, Gallbladder surgery September 28, 1984, nine-inch cut, sixty-nine stones. Four months, after my son, was born.

Even, if the woman, is not working out of the home.

    She is taking care of not herself, but everyone else. No time off! Financially dependent, isolated, all needs magnified with Mom. Especially when left on her own, to do the daily devotional, and then nightly routine, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, the same routine, exhausted.

    We lose our spontaneity and independence. Our husbands have to male bond, with outings of drinking, hearing the same stories, while wife gets over neglected.

    The love that once was has taken a journey, to the other side. The control of the situation becomes a negative cycle. “silent abuser” anger, frustration, fights over money, man being dominant, over the woman, intimidated, isolated, controlled, acts of violence, called ugly disgusting names, having to submit to lies, deceit, etc.
    They have their life, and we isolate with our children. We are beaten down verbally daily: nothing is good enough except sex-Ha! Of course we get poked, pinched, pulled, thrown, spit on, cursed at, called ugly disgusting names, squashed, joint crunches, bloody lips, bruised on the extremities, plus crunches in the glands around the jaw, that do not show bruising but hurt for so long, slaps, and pokes with objects. (Once is too much) Intimidated, we feel we are unworthy, so we withdraw deeper. We do complain, to a few, and we get told to leave the situation, but we know we cannot. It is not that easy.

The repetitious cycles, close ourselves off to relief, and we feel and are bound, in silent emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, verbal anguish.

     Our Spirit of Life has hit, the darkened corners of, Our Presence, “death in the flesh.” Our soul, our life, is in bondage; the chains are linked, through the cobwebs of years, submitting to our alcoholic, controlling, dominating, male chauvinist, pig “Narcissist husbands.  Then we find out, all the while, Our Once Beloved, has been loving someone else while abusing Us.
 I am speaking for Women, in the World, who have lived the degradation of a blessed unity, that has turned to crap.
    All of Us Will Overcome, Through The Blood of Christ Jesus. Where lies Justification, In Him, Through Him, Round About Him. From God Through Christ Jesus, To Us. Total Salvation, In The Oneness of Spirit, Through Christ Our Lord.
    I demanded justification from the Judge Then I ended up losing my husband, my children, my home, and all my belongings, my choice at thirty-six years old, only having worked out of the house, a couple of months. I refused to say, I did not want, A Divorce. I turned to the system thirteen and a half years too late, and it did not recover me, and my three children.
    So I gave my burden to God through Christ Jesus, and he and his new wife have everything. I found understanding, of the wherefore art thous, on these critical issues, and will publish a book, for all the afflicted. In Christ Jesus’ hands, this matter lies. I did send it to her, did not hear back.
He took me to Child Support Court, two months, before he gave me back, all three of my Children, January 17, 1998.

    On the 17th, I came down to the Valley to go to Child Support, to tell them what he was doing. They said it was OK, so I went back, and on the 18th, I took total responsibility for my three teenagers.

    9/3/15 At that time, I had two years of my book, and that is what is in, “In Presence of Spirit.” It was what I had ready. It was not complete. It took me till, October 1999, for them to take me off the CS and give me complete custody of my three Teenagers, oh and credit me, what I had paid, and what they said I owed, they did not pay me back a cent.

    We lost two years, ten, twelve, fourteen, got them back twelve, fourteen and sixteen. So now all these years later, The second Mrs. of the husband of my youth, tells me on the phone, that My only and ever Husband, is not the Father, of my three living children, and my nine grandchildren, one in heaven, are not his grandchildren.

    Blood-wise, they are, but he was not there for the grand-babies births or for that matter anything else. He has not even met his eighth grandchild, second girl. Yes, I did not want him, to go to jail, for his outstanding Child Support bill, so I wrote a note to the Attorney General and said I want to take it off, but it was only because everything he did for me when I did not work. I stayed home with my babies, where I wanted to be and he too.

    So whatever I personally cost him, I am paid in full, and we are severed. He had the kids two years, 0 to ten, twelve and fourteen, then twelve, fourteen, sixteen, to date, To mention I carried them for 27 months of pregnancy. I am the one that has been here for them. August 3, 2014

    October 12, 2014, Seriously I cannot force myself to fix this one, and Publish it, the right way. I cannot draft it, so your reading, as is, for now. It is the hardest one. oh man, I have to update. November 17, 2014, It is fixed as best as I can personally do. Thanks for reading. Wendy. Okay, I fixed it and added a little bit. Thank you for reading the writings of Wendy

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A Journey from darkness to the light.