Well, we will be fine.

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We can do it! Yes we can! I can do it, finish this off. The whole extensions of it, everything in order.

    We can, and we will overcome by the love of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. One in Spirit, altogether, no one left out. At most, in the bubble of our Unities, “In Presence of Spirit,” In Presence of the Holy Spirit.

    While the pieces are being put back together from long ago, and far away. My innocence shattered in a million pieces, inner turmoil, with gut wrenching pain.

    I have not felt that pain since I accepted in complete totality, Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. This is a gift from God. It is a burden to feel, the weight in your inner being. The clearing, and the cleansing out the cob-webs, has begun.

    It is the process you flow through without outside interferences. You are guided out of the darkened corners of your entire being. Inside, outside, round about.

    In every dimension of existence, as above, so below, at the same time. In every direction, height, depth, width, length of our individual existence.

    Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Prayerfully regeneration for the Unity of Our, Collective, One in Christ Consciousness.

    No one left out, for all Centuries, and generations, and all time, since the first day of existence, we are one in Spirit. Even though we may not understand we are, In Presence of Spirit, everyone of us, always and forever.

    Help me, guide me, ignite the light of spiritual upliftment in my soul. Lord Jesus Christ, open my heart and soul to understanding, help, me come into the I am of me that will overcome the obstacles that has closed myself off to happiness. Wendy

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A Journey from darkness to the light.