Open up the channels of communication in Spirit to activate the circuits of dynamic energy in our heart and soul.

    I am weeding out the things that do not belong here. So I can have my life in order to fulfill my part. I have fulfilled my part, I still am floundering on, what I am supposed to do next. So while I am waiting, I am preparing to come out of my limited thinking, and I am asking for the spark to be ignited to the light, and Love through Jesus Christ from God The Father of All Mankind.

    Thoughts are flowing with no where to hide. Even when I had not shared one writing, it was energetically transmuted, to the Heavens at once. It is touching the core of understanding, and transcribing it piece by piece, and Publishing to whomever finds it. I have been selfish to myself, by not activating anything on Social Media etc. I am safe, but not really.

    I ask in the name of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit for Benevolent Beings of Light, Love, Liberty, and Justice For All. Help me in my transition from bla to enlightened again. I request Faith, Courage, ignition, ignited to the light of Love, that is in everyone to initiate. Open up the channels of communication in Spirit, to activate the circuits of dynamic energy in our heart and soul.

    To Proclaim once again, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within,” our eternal beings, forever in eternity, be that we are here, and or we are not. We are all one, One Source God Almighty, particles of The Divine Source Energy that brought us into being.

    Open my eyes, heart, soul, to understanding what I have done, is share my journey from darkness to the light, “In Presence of Spirit.” It was never meant for just me. That is why I am still on-line.

Help Me open up to the "Kingdom of Heaven Within." I want to be alive in Spirit, with bountiful blessings for All Humanity, seen and unseen. Widen my perception. I have been there before, I want to be there again. May 5, 2019 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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