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While I read the Bible,

Over Sea's
Searching The Sea Is Vast

It is almost always understood, in the present tense. But all the while, the generation to generation is seen and heard. I feel I am undeserving, of this excellent experience.

Finding the knowledge, through the words, of God,

through the Prophets. The understanding, through the death, and resurrection of, Our Sweet Lord Jesus Christ. Ultimately, The Wisdom, That Is Given, Through The Powers of God’s, Fulfilling Words.

    Even by myself, all my studies, in the past six months. With the revelations, since the transition, from sin. To fully accepting, Christ as My Personal Savior, The Baptism, The Deliverance. All the readings, and writings. Massive amounts, of knowledge, have I found, through the Scriptures.

It is all written, interpreted past, present, and future.

    “The Bible to Me is, The Presence of The Most Holy, in The Omnipresent Sphere of, The Oneness through Christ Our Lord.” I know what is said throughout, The Bible, has been real, and is real, in my individual life. When I went into the fire, and when I came out. I went through all my trials, and tribulations, in search, of the truth.

 Resentments had to all be abolished,

    All truth needed to come out, I am awake, and it all means the same. You cannot get to heaven if you do not through Jesus’ love, sheath and cleanse your spirit, of all atrocities. Including your own, and those of the people, who are in contact, with you and yours.

 Sin does not discriminate
because we bore our ancestor’s sins and their two make one.
We all know our innards;

    It is outside interference, which renders us, chained, to the unraveling of the one true law. Which is through, Jesus Christ Our Savior.

    The purpose is: scattered among, The Nations. With no shepherd to follow. Searching The Sea is Vast, but A Portal, to go through, all the murkiness of. To reach and go forward, to the clearing, of the absolute true law, of our total existence, which is from God to Us.

    Destroyed, then individually we walk, through the portal, of the exiled inhabitants of the Earth. Through Salvation, Baptism, Deliverance, Through The Unveiling of The Christ Within. To Glorify, God in heaven, for the honor, to be one of the chosen. June 8, 1996, Wendy Yvette Greenwell, Awe now this is awesome. I love all of them. Tahitian Islands, is the picture. My brother traveled not me.

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