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Open your heart to understanding.

Somewhere over the rainbow, all the way over
Open Your Heart To Understanding

Read 2 Corinthians 5, in one sitting! You will be home soon. He will come, and you will have strength, to go on whichever road, He chooses. Follow Him always. In your heart, are all the answers of, The Universe. Which will bring, the peace, you so desire.

The Holy Spirit is your Guide.

    The Lord is the Light. The Lord is the strength that makes the seed grow. The Lord is, in you, let The Passion of Christ, encircle you, roundabout, entirely, giving up your will, and putting it into, the stretched out arms, that God through Jesus Christ Our Savior, is holding out, for you.

Referring to, Oswald Chambers, “My Utmost for His Highest.”

    I hope you have read some entries of the book; I passed it up to you. No holding back, so it is necessary to tell you. I have had it a year.” There are so many revelations, in the writings, he guides you through the distinct reality, in which we live with Christ, and the opposition of the cleansing and sanctification, which follows after Salvation.

Complete, Purification through, The Baptism and Deliverance, from sin and temptation.

    All falls, into God’s place, and time. The regenerating forces of, God’s Power, cleanses you of all your pain, and places strength with knowledge, and ultimate understanding.
It is a gift.
    “God so loved the World He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, that who should ever believe on His name,” in the faith of His Glorious love for His Chosen, will not die but have eternal, everlasting life. (me) “whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have eternal life.” K.J. V
The life in which we are living, is full of man’s traits, in succession of time.

Which constitute the loss of one’s rightful place in, and through The Pure Love of Christ, and through, The Ultimate Abandonment, of One’s Own Will, is Purification, to which, there is no other.

    The Love of Christ penetrates the small opening, as tiny as the mustard seed. Once this occurs, The Love, Envelopes You. Although rough times are ahead. You are sheltered with and through The Lord.

     Your protection is in Him, through Him, round about Him. The Glory, Comes Through, With His Magnificent Power, and Glory, and you know, you are loved, through the love, of your faith in, Our Lord Jesus Christ. December 8, 1996, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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