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Resentments of the past need to be abolished entirely.       

Clouds, Blue Skies
Expanding into the Revelation of the One True Law

Healing comes from within, first, seek the kingdom of heaven, then life will be added, only in and through Jesus Christ Our Savior.      

    You have what you fixed in your creative, manipulative mind, you know how to use it, you always did.

    The soul is the void between the breastplates in the core of your existence. Which cannot be satisfied, until the life, the ministry, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, fill, and the tiny opening is ignited. In turn, slowly but evenly, opening the portal of your existence. 

    Expanding, into the revelations of the One True Law, which manifests, patience, courage, understanding, knowledge. It releases the pain, through the cleansing process, and stands forthright, in its exaction, of the clearing, holding firm, the creative energy of life eternal, in and through Jesus Christ Our Savior.

    In turn, freeing you, from the pain, of your past, and releasing the legacy of our ancestors. For the greater Cause,  life is in, and through Jesus Christ and Only through Christ.


    We can be free from death, and follow in faith, To The Promises of God, are Omnipresent, God showed The Love, Compassion, through The Son, as many, have put on Christ and are steadfast with The Calling from The Spirit of the Lord, are in Him, and He in you. I am tired. March 5, 1997, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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